Carthusia Via Camerelle: Salt and Spice and All Things Nice

carthusia via

Carthusia is an Italian fragrance house based on the dreamy island of glamorous Capri. Rumour has it that Jackie O was a fan in her island hopping days and its easy to see why. I have tried several Carthusias now and one thing they all have in common is great quality, a sense of heritage and good longevity.

Today I am reviewing Via Camerelle having worn it all day and I can tell you now that it’s pretty good stuff.  Created in 2006, and inspired by the air on Capri ( Via Camerelle is the famous shopping street), the fragrance aims to capture both the tang of sea and the refreshing earthiness of the island’s lemon groves. So far, so poetic, but what does it actually smell like in Wales on a chilly Autumn day?

Well, it was difficult to pretend I was on Capri, but I did get lemons and limes and spices (although none are listed). The Marjoram comes through strongly, giving a nice Mediterranean garden vibe, and the citruses are appropriately zingy. There are some flowers in there ( lily and jasmine mainly) but this could easily pass for unisex, or even masculine since the spice and herbs and lemons dominate. That tang of salt coupled with the  herbal notes makes Via Camerelle smell like a high end unisex cologne but with extra staying power.

I enjoyed wearing Via Camerelle today. The amber and salt gave me the mildly masculine vibe I wanted in the not quite-but-nearly-frosty air of South Wales, all golden and Autumnal, looking nothing like Capri, but still gorgeous.


You can buy Carthusia scents from Liberty in the UK as well as Rouiller White. In the USA, you can try Lucky Scent. You can of course, also buy Via Camerelle direct from the Carthusia website, which also sells cute soaps, solid perfumes and diffusers.

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