Gucci Bamboo: And…Rest


I’m still in a sulk with Gucci for not bringing back Gucci Envy, so I tried Gucci Bamboo with a bitchy face on.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is a fresh break from the rich’n’cloying smellalikes that have been coming thick and fast of late.  It opened with a whisper and is still there now, all subtle and classy.

Gucci Bamboo opens with top notes of bergamot, and whilst in this case it was not zingy cologne time, it radiated like a muffled lime with lily accents- sounds like a Dulux advert doesn’t it?  Well if Gucci Bamboo were a room, it would have floor to ceiling windows and wispy white curtains billowing in a spring breeze.


The middle phase has the lily, orange blossom and gentle Ylang Ylang (or banana flower as I call it in my head).  There is a light floral sweetness to this that has nothing to do with the recent trend for caramel, chocolate, and candy floss in scent.  Phew!

In the basenotes, which is the phase it’s at now on my skin, there is a hint of vanilla, but it’s not that in-your-face-cakey smell that it’s so easy to get hold of these days, it’s more a soft pile of pillows that tones it all down before putting it to bed. I would almost call it a hint of powder in among the faint warmth of some very mild amber.

Gucci Bamboo is absolutely perfect as a daytime scent and to me, it had a nostalgia that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  In any case, as a new release it stands apart from the crowd as a gentle “Shhh” among the noise.


Gucci Bamboo is available from FragranceDirect, Escentual,  and Boots to name but a few.


7 thoughts on “Gucci Bamboo: And…Rest”

    1. Ah! my dear friends at MyPerfumeSamples! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for your kind words.Keep up the good sample selling work! We need you xx

  1. Sounds lovely. I was intrigued about this one as a friend had just bought a bottle on impulse at the airport, and also declared it a very pleasant office scent. I do agree that Gucci are Guilty of not bringing back Envy. Loved the phrase ‘muffled lime’, hehe.

  2. I scored a sample of this at Vienna airport on Sunday, surreptitiously squirting about a half ml into a vial I had brought along for the purpose. It is every bit as pretty as expected. A bit like that modern remake of Carven le Parfum in general feel.

    1. I like your style Vanessa! A crafty siphon… Hmm. You have reminded me that I was going to review Carven a while back and then got distracted. I shall do that one very soon. Warmest wishes to you my friend.

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