8 thoughts on “Aqua Citra: It’s Back with a  Zzing!”

  1. Whilst I drenched myself with aqua manda in its original days I dont think I tried aqua citra so I think I must try to add that to my sniffalong journey as sounds delightful 🙂

    1. Hello Margaret! Lovely of you to drop by and comment. I can’t remember this one either but it’s fabulously refreshing and definitely worth seeking out!

  2. Aqua Manda – yay! I remember it first time round; there was a bath essence that turned the water a vibrant green. It was amazing.
    However, they don’t have the nerve to relaunch the sister perfume Meadowsong – ‘smells exactly like a field of new-mown hay’ – apparently it was a commercial flop, despite the fact that it was all you could smell in classrooms of 13-year-old girls in 1973. I was one of the culprits, and would dearly love to experience it again.

    1. Hi Miranda- That’s two things I didn’t know. I didn’t know it turned the bath green and until you wrote it here, I had never heard of Meadowsong. What a beautiful name! I think I would have liked it, being a fan of green notes. I think I would dearly love to smell that too!

    2. So delighted to find someone else who remembers Meadowsong from their schooldays. I had Aqua Manda but a friend of mine wore Meadowsong (1971/2?) and I loved it. I have tried in vain for many years to find something similar, although I couldn’t remember the name, and no-one else seemed to know what I was speaking about! Have recently bought Library of Fragrance Wet Garden and think that might be the nearest.

      1. Hi Rosemary and thanks for dropping by. It’s lovely to hear memories of long gone scents. It’s especially nice to hear that there’s something modern I can sniff to get a feel for it. Thank you! best wishes Sam

      2. Hi, Rosemary – thanks for the suggestion. I recently tried a sample of Miller Harris ‘Fleurs de Sel’ and that has a similar tangy herbaceousness – although rather more expensive.

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