Angel Eau Sucree: An Angel For Me



I’m not a fan of Thierry Mugler Angel, although I admire its genius. On me, it’s Brut for men, Body Odour and a kilo of chocolate, but on others it can smell utterly gorgeous.  Sadly, I’m not one of them.  I also think that heavy handed spraying of Angel has further distanced me from it: it’s nuclear to start with and has colossal longevity, so six sprays first thing in the morning is overkill ( are you listening, Lady On Bus?)

However, here comes Angel Eau Sucree, the Angel 2014 flanker and much to my surprise, I really like it.

The notes are:

 Top: red berries

Middle: meringue

Base: patchouli and vanilla

Red berries have been done to saturation point in the last couple of years, but the temptation to add pink pepper (which in my view is greatly overused with a heavy hand these days) has been resisted and the red berries blend seamlessly into a creamy, sweet middle note.  Meringue is an interesting choice, but its’s distinctive icing sugar blandness is the perfect foil here.  At this point, it could easily tip over into raspberry ripple ice cream, but the meringue, if anything, shows restraint.  This is a pale vanilla, with hints of cream and berries.

The base notes are vanilla and patchouli, and unlike Angel, the patchouli here is a whisper rather than a shout. The vanilla seems to show up at the very start and sit at the back the whole way through as if to say “don’t mind me, it’s not my show today”



Whereas I normally eschew gourmands on the grounds that they remind me of how I smell in an apron in an hot kitchen, Angel Eau Sucree is something else and I am seriously thinking about a full bottle purchase ( something I ration)

 Angel Eau Sucree shows restraint and is all the better for it ( although I do have a penchant for unrestrained perfume!). Eau Sucree is pretty, and girly  and whilst teens will love it, I would gladly wear this in all my mature 45 year old glory. It’s a feel good scent which doesn’t take itself too seriously, but the end phase is like smelling Angel through a veil: with a heightended touch of sweetness and a playful touch of fun. This is a perfect balance and a great scent. Angel Eau Sucree made me into a fan rather than a critic.


Angel Eau Sucree is a Limited Edition so scoop it up when you see it.  You can get it from  Escentual, John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser.  My sample was from The Perfume Society Jet Set Discovery Box.


The Perfume Society
The Perfume Society

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The Candy Perfume Boy, as ever, writes beautifully on this and the link is here.


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