Miller Harris Cassis en Feuille

Miller Harris
Miller Harris


“The rambling vines and bountiful fruit of a forgotten garden”


Miller Harris is one of my favourite brands.  With consistent good quality and original exciting scents, they are a firm favourite of mine.  You can imagine how pleased I was to receive a selection of samples from their new range Jardin d’Enfance

Appropriately enough, it did indeed remind me of the garden scents of my childhood.  Like many children of the 70s, I spent a lot of time outside picking flowers and, in a rather macabre fashion which cements my later years as an amateur goth, creating small cemeteries and floral tributes for the wildlife that our cat brought home.

Miller Harris Cassis en Feuille very much reminded me of the smell I used to get on my hands after crushing a fern or between my fingers.  It is an earthy, green smell which is almost astringent in its freshness. Add to that the unmistakeable smell of tomato leaf and the Cassia leaf ( which can so nearly veer into cat pee territory but doesn’t) and Miller Harris hits the mark.


At first spray, this is predominantly fruity, but not in a playful strawberry sundae way, more a squashed blackberries in a mud pie way.  This is delightful and has all the ingredients of a real garden, rather than a watercolour garden or a storybook garden, and it brings to mind brambles rather than fruit cocktail.  Phew! So far so good.  The blackcurrant top notes are zingy and fresh, but always surrounded with damp greenery.

After a while this phases into an almost spicy rose/geranium, and the geranium seems an especially good fit with tomato leaf.

The basenotes are long lasting and muskier, but still with those dark blackish berries and the wet leafy-ness.  All in all, this captures a slightly wet British Garden on a long past summer’s day. I felt very connected to it and it took me right back to the days when I wasn’t worrying about damp proof courses and tax codes. Now that’s got to worth buying a bottle for!

My sample was kindly provided by Miller Harruis.  Opinions are my own.


The Miller Harris Jardin D’Enfance range is available from the Miller Harris website, or instore, or from one of their stockists- see this list. You can also buy the Miller Harris range from Escentual, John Lewis and Harrods to name but a few.

4 thoughts on “Miller Harris Cassis en Feuille”

  1. So great to read about this as I just bought the small bottle a few days ago on a love at first sniff splurge! I adore the well packaged tomato leaf smell of the opening and the base reminds me of Different Company’s Bergamotte (lemony skin but better). Exactly my summer 2015 smell for days where I do not want a beach vibe in my perfume but not some classic cologne either. Instead it gives me a garden nostalgia just like you describe, even though I did not grow up in the UK. In fact I may just have to re-spritz myself right away, intense addiction phase, obviously:)-….

    1. Hi bella,

      Thanks so much for dropping by. I’m glad you like it too. It’s perfect for summer isn’t it? it really captures that damp green scent that I love. I agree with what you say- I don’t always want cologne or beachy scent, but this is just right somehow!

      warmest wishes

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