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Jean Patou
Jean Patou


Sometimes when a classic gets a flanker, I feel apprehensive. Let’s face it, sometimes flankers are bad news. There are of course, marvellous exceptions such as Chanel No 5 Eau Premier and Chanel Cristalle Eau Vert, but on the other hand you have the 27 odd flankers to Givenchy Irresistible which frankly, puts me right off the original. Let’s not even speak of the new incarnation of Miss Dior- once a mossy chypre, now a strawberry floral.

I can assure you dear reader, that you may have no such fears from Joy Forever. As so many scents modernise their classic nuances for the modern and youthful palate (often excluding we over 40s!), Joy Forever manages to be contemporary without selling out. Phew!

So what’s it like? It opens with a flourish of citrussy bergamot and fresh, dewy petals. For about ten minutes the marigold comes out in all its yellow flower, peppery glory and there is a definite resemblance to Chloe Narcisse. Panic not though if you’re not a fan, because when that phase segues into the middle note, you have a full blown, soapy, heady bunch of white flowers. Jasmine is particularly dominant, as is orange flower, and there is an almost, but not quite aldehydic soapiness with an outline of freshening citrus around the edges.

It all blends down seamlessly into a prickly, white musky finish full of sandalwood and patchouli.

joy forever

Joy Forever is almost asking to be a bridal perfume with a name like that, but would be suitable for anyone all year round. It is beautiful quality at a reasonable price. I am seriously tempted to buy a bottle, even though I feel that slight sense of shame when I look at my groaning dressing table. Joy Forever is impossibly feminine and as lovely as sticking your face in a big bouquet of fresh florists flowers.


Joy Forever is widely available: try  Selfridges , Amazon UK, allbeauty (one of the cheapest), John Lewis or Harrods. In the US you can buy it from Neiman Marcus


4 thoughts on “Jean Patou: Joy Forever”

  1. Dear Mr Hound,
    Always a pleasure when you drop by. Shame when it all goes wrong isn’t it? But lucky for me there is, as you say, one more bottle for me to buy.

    warm wishes

  2. I really liked this! It was lovely on and much more wearable than the animalic / indolic original. And I absolutely see potential as a bridal scent. Or ironic bridal scent in my case. I used to wear Vera Wang in that spirit, hehe.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      I like the cut of your gib. I also recommend trying on bridal dresses for kicks. Great fun and totally legal, even if you do get looks. I’m glad you liked Joy Forever, I did too, and I’m often apprehensive about flankers. Like you, I found this a more wearable version of Joy. I have mixed feelings for original Joy. I admire it and respect it, but it doesn’t make me feel particularly attractive when I wear it. Joy Forever made me feel really girly and floaty! 🙂

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