Fragonard Soleil: The Sunny Side of The Street



Fragonard has yet to make a fragrance that disappoints me.  With consistently high quality, great packaging, good longevity and fair prices, it is to me, the perfect brand.  Fragonard Soleil is no exception.

From the name and the gold sun on the lid, you might expect something of the coconutty/sun cream genre, but in fact what you’re getting is a rather bold bouquet of white flowers that trip over themselves to make you smell impossibly feminine and pretty on a hot day.

My mini bottle

The strongest note to my nose is the Freesia.  Freesia sometimes gets lost in translation.  In fact, this initially reminded me of Avon Today, which opens similarly, but falls flat on its face not long afterwards (see my earlier review).  With Fragonard Soleil, the freesia opens quite dominantly and then the other white flower notes ( most notably orange flower) crowd in shortly afterwards, making this both rich and summery at the same time.

On hot skin, this is radiant.  I know because I wore it down the park yesterday and it was boiling, but I could smell those summer flowers drifting up to my nose from my forearms. NB I don’t put perfume on my wrists as I wash my hands a lot and it comes off, but on the front of my forearm?  Well that only gets washed once a day!

Fragonard Soleil allegedly beds down into sandalwood with an ambery finish, but I found that the orange flower, freesia, and slightly peppery wisteria just stayed put the whole time.  This is great on the beach and equally great in the bar afterwards.  Yes there are colognes to cool you down, but actually flowers like this  are sort of perfect on a hot day.


You can buy Fragonard Soleil from the Fragonard website ( one of the prettiest websites in the world! IMO) or from Marks and Spencer online or instore.

My 7ml splash bottle is from the Perfume Society Summer Scentsations Discovery Box.



9 thoughts on “Fragonard Soleil: The Sunny Side of The Street”

  1. I must have a spray next time I’m in M&S! Liking the sound of white flowers but perhaps maybe not the sandalwood! I have just tried another perfume, heavy with sandalwood and its not my bag! It will appear in à package to you soon! 🙂

    1. Hi Patsi,

      Always lovely to hear from you. The sandalwood wasn’t very noticeable so if you like white flowers you might like this too. It’s a curious mix of rich yet fresh.

  2. I remember trying this years and years ago, when I tried a LOT of Fragonard fragrances and found that I preferred Grain de Soleil, which is much more woody. But then, that’s my speed generally anyway.
    I’ll have to have another try now – it’s certainly the weather for it. 🙂

    1. Trust you to go woody! I shall have to try Grain de Soleil. I reckon Soleil would smell totally different on ice cold akin. Much betetr in summer. Funny how much the seasons affect how a a scent can smell.

  3. Hi I just came across your blog today and I am so enjoying your reviews. Which perfume from fragonard would you say is best for summer? I love woody scents but I just can’t bring myself to wearing them in the summer and I am looking for a rather refreshing scent. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much and welcome!

      I’m glad you asked me about Fragonard because they are one of my favorite brands that gets ir right on every level. For summer I would recommend the cologne-y type scents such as Verveine ( Verbena) or Fleur D’Oranger. Personally I have the mini set of 3 eau de parfum which includes Diamant, Emilie and Etoile. All are great for a holiday as they are very, very long lasting and offer a different scent depending on your mood.

      best wishes

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