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Pell Wall perfumes, based in Shropshire, is the brain child of Chris Bartlett, who left his job to become a full time perfumer.  Don’t you just love people who do that?  If people like Chris and other great indie perfumers  didn’t take the plunge, we’d all be missing out on original and exciting niche fragrances.

Pell Wall Perfumes Anjin is not like anything else I have smelled before because it has very dominant chillies in it, or pimentos to be precise.  I’ve never been one for gourmands in particular, but when they are as astringent and spicy as Anjin, I take it all back.  This could not be further away from your cupcakes and candy floss, which just goes to show how vast the gourmand spectrum can be.

This is no one trick pony though.  As Anjin’s  citrussy, almost stingy-eyed opening dries down, it becomes smooth yet prickly, a bit like sharp lemony patchouli.  With bold styrax adding an almost-but-not-quite creosote touch ( not a criticism, I love it), and clove and coriander making their spicy and herbal presence felt, Anjin  is a long-lasting  treat that smells equally good on male or female skin.  I loved it on me, but it smells even better on my 17 year old nephew, who also loved it, and now has the bottle.   I am always pleased when young folk try a fragrance that steps away from the High Street norm- and what a pleasant surprise to find a 17 year old who is NOT marinated in scent du jour Paco Rabanne One Million!

 One of the things I admire about Pell Wall is the sheer versatility:  Chris has produced a range that includes violets, (Deep Purple), Lily of the valley and roses (Pretty in Pink), earthy leather (Sticky Leather Sky) and Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Anjin) without stinting on quality or showing any weak links.  Anjin would make an original choice for summer and refreshingly, didn’t smell synthetic.  In fact wearing this when you have a cold might even feel therapeutic.  That chill just cuts through everything.  Anjim impressed me and I would wear it myself had I not given it away in the name of olfactory education earlier today.

Pell Wall Perfumes


Anjin is available from the Pell Wall website for the reasonable price of £23 for 10ml or £36 for 50ml.  Fret not about taking a gamble based on my word alone though, Chris offers great sample sets and discovery sets and I can vouch for the quality and longevity.  My particular favourite is Pretty in Pink, which I reviewed earlier in this blog.


4 thoughts on “Pell Wall Perfumes Anjin: Turn Up The Heat”

  1. Many thanks for the lovely review: I’m pleased you and your nephew enjoyed Anjin.

    I really should update the website to mention that the name comes from the lead character in James Clavell’s novel Shogun and was inspired by the alien quality he has to his Japanese hosts and his growing sophistication as the novel progresses.

    One thing I’d never before seen in it is chilli-peppers: it’s always fun when someone finds a new aspect to a creation!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thank you for commenting, but most of all, thanks for making it! It’s curious how different our individual interpretations are towards Anjin. I found it a mixture of chilies and citrus with a woodier sort of drydown. The chilies were quite dominant. This is no bad thing at all, as you can see from my review! I really liked it and thought it was a breath of fresh air.

      best wishes, and keep doing what you’re doing!


    1. Dearest Portia,
      You would love this. I hope we can hook up in January. With enough notice I can even get there on a school day!


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