Creed Silver Mountain Water: My Take On It



Creed Silver Mountain Water is a revered scent with a phalanx of fans that easily outnumber little old me, who is sitting here looking singularly unimpressed.

 Creed Silver Mountain Water evokes such purity and blue skies, that it was a disappointment to find that on my skin it bore only dried tea- and I emphasise the word dried as this reminded me of pot pourri.  Sadly the dried-leaf effect was dominant at the expense of the notes I was looking forward to meeting: namely galbanum, bergamot and my beloved petitgrain.

Silver Mountain Water led me to expect a scent that evoked a crashing cold wave on a baking hot day, or a froth of powdery snow as a dashing skier  whizzed past,  making the snow looking like confetti in his wake, but no.  I’m still there with the rather unpleasant pot pourri fragrance with a slightly scorched edge as if it’s been left on a hot windowsill too long.

After a couple of hours, this bizarrely turned into Carolina Herrera 212 For Men, which has negative connotations for me- so beloved was it of  a former flatmate who  marinated in it to  eclipse other less salubrious odours.

This is the third Creed fragrance I have reviewed and I remain underwhelmed.  It brought to mind a quote from Dr Cuddy in House MD ( my current favourite Netflix boxset) “Well she’s not as delightful as she thinks she is”, and if Creed Silver Mountain Water was a person, that is what I would say about them.


Creed Silver Mountain water is available word wide- try, Amazon or the big department stores.  In the UK you can try Harrods, Liberty or House of Fraser.  At £160 a bottle, try before you buy.

With Thanks

With thanks to friend of the blog Patsi, who kindly supplied the sample.

4 thoughts on “Creed Silver Mountain Water: My Take On It”

  1. I left a comment on your Facebook page and was unsure if it would show up here also, but anyhow, my comment was as follows…………. I was charmed by its unusual smell for a short while – but lost interest very quickly! Now i am hanging onto a 30ml bottle to perhaps use for a swap if the very beautiful Ginestet Botrytis may make an appearance!

    Ps. thank you for tweeting my request, also you were very welcome to the sample, and lastly, – was it just me, or don’t you think that ‘London 1969’ from 4160 Tuesday is similar to Creed, Silver Mountain Water…….?

    1. Hi Patsi,

      Thanks for dropping by, you are warmly welcome as always!
      I’m glad that in my review of Creed SMW I wasn’t dissing one of your favourites. I think the high price leads us to expect something extraordinary and I have yet to find a Creed I think is worth its price. When you think how you can get niche of superb quality far cheaper, than that’s the path I would go down if I had the price of a Creed in my pocket ( which I don’t!).

      I hadn’t noticed a similarity between SMW and London 1969, but I do remember that I liked London and disliked SMW. However I think they have a similar tea like note, if my olfactory memory serves, but London pips SMW to the post with more playful lemon and limes and far more accessible price!

      best wishes

      Sam 🙂 x

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