Library of Fragrance Mahogany



One of my favourite smells is the smell of an ancient church as you creak open the heavy oak door and smell years of ancient stone and the remnants of incense.  Back in my university days (which seem to be getting further and further away) I chose Medieval Devon Churches as my dissertation topic and it involved travelling to remote parish churches, creaking open heavy oak doors, and smelling that exact smell.  Heavenly seems to be an appropriate description.

Two years ago, not long after I had started this blog, I was lucky enough to try Comme des Garcons Series 3 Incense Avignon.  It blew me away.  It was as if a centuries old church had been concentrated and bottled just so I could enjoy it.  I labelled it ideal for truanting vicars.  You could have a raunchy affair, spray yourself with CDG Series 3 Avignon, and swear you’d been in church all afternoon.  But I digress.

The church at Civray, Poitou Charente

Today I am reviewing Library of Fragrance Mahogany and the reason I’m bleating on about CDG Avignon is because whilst I can’t afford it,  LOF Mahogany has given me something that is much more within my reach and ticks the same boxes.  It opens with ancient, antique wood, all dark and  faintly spicy, and then a  little breeze of incense comes in, and even a hint of an unlit log fire, a  faint wisp of wood smoke and that unique scent of an old stone castle, not quite musty, not quite smoky, but somewhere in between.  It’s heavenly I tell you, and I have been dousing myself in it as if it were a marinade.  I adore this smell and because I have been wearing it so much, my house smells a bit like it now as well, even though my house is a youthful 105.

My husband and two sons- “being dragged round another church by Mum”

I’ve always been a big fan of Library of Fragrance, but today I think I’ve finally found my favourite.  If you make a perfume that smells of ancient churches and wood, I will buy it. It’s pretty much a guarantee.


Library of Fragrance Mahogany is available from Library of Fragrance online.  For a 30ml bottle you can expect to pay a  very reasonable sum of £15.

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