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For the last three days I have sporadically spraying myself with an inexpensive men’s cologne, and liking it.  A lot.

Kudos for Men retails for £5 and frankly, my only disappointment is that I didn’t discover this in the middle of winter as it’s rich, spicy and addictive.  Having said that, it’s not so thickly cloying that you can’t wear it in warmer weather as the citruses, especially the grapefruit, stop it from being too fuzzy, for want of a better word (It’s the Easter Holidays, bear with me).

What I love about Kudos is the slightly leathery, smokiness of it that goes on like a cologne, has a hint of oranges and cardoman, beds down into a spicy chypre, and lingers like an eau de parfum i.e six hours at least.  I have been unable to stop myself having a spray every time I walk past it.

Kudos reminds me of the interior of an old church: there is a hint of aged wood and a soupcon of incense, and since old churches are one of my favourite smells, I am giving Kudos full marks.  It will be a staple on my dressing table, even if it doesn’t really “go” with the menagerie of prettier bottles on there at the moment.


You can buy Kudos for men from the Milton Lloyd website or Amazon UK, and you can usually find some on eBay.  Prices are usually no more than five quid.

My sample was kindly provided by Milton Lloyd, but opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Kudos for Men- Milton Lloyd”

  1. I bought this one on your on your recommendation. It is my first male scent. I really liked it as I was hankering after citrussy smells. Plus it worked quite well with my Library of fragrance gin and tonic. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Jay and thanks for dropping by! I really fell for this one and I’m glad I’m tempting other people with this bargain. I love woodiness, but as you say, the citrus is a strong point.

      Always lovely to hear from a fellow LOF fan too!

      best wishes

    1. Hi Portia- always a pleasure when the legendary Portia drops by!

      I’ve been wearing it non stop and when I replace it I will only be five quid poorer.

      best wishes and Happy Easter
      Sam xx

    1. Hi Bilal and thanks for commenting. I didn’t know that, but thanks for telling me. It makes me even more of a fan!

      best wishes

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