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4160 Tuesdays

If you’d told me a few months ago that I would be actually choosing to buy a perfume that apparently smelled like vanilla ice cream and candy floss, I would have rejected the idea with an unladylike snort.

However, this week I have done  just that and I am proudly wearing my brand new bottle of 4160 Tuesdays New York 1955.  It was first the violets that captured me and the rest of the scent sat around as if to say “it’s all or none.  We come as a pack”.  In actual fact, I began to see how well violets, candy floss and vanilla worked once the violets had got their foot in their door.

Photo from pinterest.

New York 1955 is one of a range of four vintage cities from 4160 Tuesdays.  Each one is very different from the other.  Friend of the blog Lisa Wordbird adores Rome 1963 (“and I’m not normally a tuberose-y person” she said), and I liked New York 1955 and London 1969. There is also green chypre Paris 1948, which I reviewed here.

Not only do the names alone capture a whimsical vibe that makes my mind’s eye turn me into Julie Christie or Gina Lollobridgida depending on which city I’m trying, but these cities have made both Lisa and I step out of our comfort zone and like it.

from DLP Guide

I have swerved, sworn off, and dodged with comic elaborateness the vanilla/candy floss invasion of the Noughties Fragrance Fad, but Sarah McCartney is kind of in my brain saying “yes, but if you try it with THIS, it’s totally different” and she’s right.

What I smell of today (I will explain in visuals rather than notes as is fitting with this brand) is this: Central Park,  a raspberry ripple ice cream,  a mouthful of parma violets, a vintage Laura Ashley dress and a very blue sky with nary a cloud.

Visiting the fabulous Sarah McCartney in the 4160 studio, November 2014

Stockists I bought my bottle for the ludicrously agreeable price of £10 for 18ml directly from the 4160 site. The price is a sale price though so be quick, but have a browse around whilst you’re there as there are some good deals on samples and discovery packs: a great way to explore the brand before you commit to a full bottle.


8 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays New York 1955”

  1. Wow… you have captured me with this description… come lunchtime i will be making my way over to 4160 site to get one of these18ml bottles….i’m taking you at your word Sam…. lol 🙂

    1. Dastardly Perfume Enabling is just one service I offer here on IScentYouADay! Happy to be of service Ma’am!

  2. Update – i was a very bad/good (delete as necessary) and bought 2 bottles, New York 1955 and London 1969 – i thought that it would be a fab try! Perhaps someone already has a bottle of the London 1969 and would post a review….? 🙂

    1. An excellent choice Patsi! I have already reviewed London 1969 but if I link back to my own blog whilst on my blog, all sorts of weird stuff happens so you’ll have to do a little search in my search window. I loved it and you have chosen my two favourites from the vintage cities range. If you decide you don’t like London 1969 I’ll buy it off you.

      best wishes

  3. A sugary scent that can win you over must be special indeed. On my list it goes! I think they carry this brand at Indiescents in the US.

    Have you tried Hanae Mori “Butterfly”? It smells like fruity marshmallows, but is still somehow wonderful. I’ve never actually worn it out in public, but my mother loves it.

    1. Hi Laurels,

      How are you? I bet your weather is nicer than our weather right now. I haven’t tried Butterfly but I shall look out for it on your say so. One thing this week has taught me is to never rule anything out. I have been wearing Mary Greenwell Plum all day, despite not liking plummy scents at all. It’s rather good too, so I am going to start leaving my preconceptions at the door.
      warmest wishes from damp Wales

  4. Will you do a review of Plum, please? I know it’s a favorite of Mals from The Muse in Wooden Shoes, but she and don’t have many perfumes in common.

    It is indeed quite nice here, and is supposed to be downright hot on Friday. On the other hand, our reservoirs are at record lows, and our Governor has just declared a Water Emergency with mandatory use reductions. (I actually like rain. On a vacation in Ireland years ago, a woman in a shop said she was sorry it was raining during my holiday. I told her that I liked the rain, and she looked at me as though I’d lost my mind.) I hope your spring is lovely and full of flowers.

    1. Hi Laurels,

      Happy to oblige. It’s quite complex and changes a lot so I will have a lot to say. I heard California was on water measures. Hope it doesn’t affect you too much. We have blue skies and fluffy clouds today. It’s all a bit of a novelty after many months of “overcast”

      best wishes and thanks for your kind words
      Sam xx

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