Niobe by Cologne and Cotton: A New Favourite

photo by me
photo by me

Cologne and Cotton has been around for twenty four years, as has their rather lovely in house fragrance range.  I have only recently come across the brand, more fool me, but what I have discovered is destined to become a firm favourite with its traditional roots and quintessentially English classic style.

Cologne and Cotton kindly sent me a bottle of Niobe to take for a test drive and all I can say is that I have been wearing it non stop since it arrived.

Before we talk about how lovely it smells-a word about the packaging.  The bottle is lovely enough to rival a Penhaligons bottle.  The box is eau de nil and gold embossed.  Even the inside of the box looks like Edwardian wallpaper.  There is nothing here not to fall in love with.


As for the fragrance: imagine if you blended 4711 with O de Lancôme: you’d be close to the opening notes of Niobe.  Bursting with lemon and lime and all things refreshing, this is like a beautiful wake up call on a summer morning.   It has all the zinginess of sherbet, with none of the sickly sugar.  It smells effervescent, like lemonade bubbles popping on your skin.  Although this is eau de cologne, it has good eau de toilette lasting power. I sprayed my hair and sleeves with it and I could smell it on my pillow at bedtime.

As the citrus beds down, you are left with a classic vetiver /citrus melange which, although marketed for men, is perfectly unisex and will never go out of style.

At £38 for a generous 150ml bottle ( and dreamy packaging), I call this excellent value, and I can’t wait to get stuck in with further samples that Cologne and Cotton  kindly sent me.  They don’t just sell their own brand either: they are stockists for Fragonard,  E Coudray, LT Piver,  4711 Acqua Colonia,  D’Orsay,  Molinard,  Lalique,  Miller Harris,  Acqua di Genova,  Encre Noir,  and more.   There are branches in London, Cheltenham, Brighton and Leamington Spa. I would like to say in passing that Cardiff is a jolly nice shopping hub and a branch would go down very well indeed in Wales. Hint, hint.


Stockists: The Cologne and Cotton website is here, and you can order online or find your nearest branch.  Be careful though-  as Oscar Wilde once said “I can resist everything except temptation”



3 thoughts on “Niobe by Cologne and Cotton: A New Favourite”

  1. I’m perplexed by the name Niobe. The C & C site does not explain the inspiration for the name, saying only, “Perfect for men to enjoy as a soothing aftershave, combining vetyver, frankincense and bay oil.” As Niobe was known for her weeping, does this imply that men find women’s tears soothing?

    That is some gorgeous packaging, though. I think you’re right about the temptation–if I were in the UK, I’d be fighting a powerful urge to order a bottle of Cassandra.

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