Lancôme La Vie est Belle L’Absolu



Yesterday, just after lunch, I tried Lancôme La Vie est Belle L’Absolu and could NOT get it off.  It’s now Sunday evening.  I have had a shower, washed my hands many times and finally, only a bath shifted it.  Think cloying caramels and chocolate with a spiky base à la Thierry Mugler Angel, concentrated into essence form and with a staying power only rivalled by a tattoo.  I will even have to wash my coat as it rubs off onto my skin every time I wear it.

Lancôme La Vie est Belle  has proved to be a bestseller and seems to have tapped into a trend that dictates that it’s desirable for your perfume to make you smell like Thorntons Chocolatier.  Personally I dislike anything too gourmand ( with a few notable exceptions)  because it feels like I  am eating perfume or using food on my skin : my senses get confused and don’t know what to tell my brain.

Lancôme La Vie est Belle L’Absolu was initially a pleasant surprise- finally I could smell those flowers and make out the iris, and… was that rose?  With a hint of blackcurrant?  Wonderful- for about twenty minutes. Then the caramel barged in and took over, smothering everything and turning up the volume until I was walking home holding the guilty arm away from my side as if I blamed it.

The verdict is this:  If you like this, you have a bargain on your hands.  Even a small bottle will outlast anything permanent in your life. Staying power is nuclear.  Your whole house will smell of it, and your friends will smell like this, and your car and the bus and your children and their friends.

Unfortunately I didn’t like it at all.


Stockists: Lancome La Vie est Belle L’Absolu is available from or or if you are in the USA or Canada or Europe.  In the UK, you can buy it from John Lewis, Debenhams, Amazon UK or House of Fraser.


13 thoughts on “Lancôme La Vie est Belle L’Absolu”

  1. Interesting! I love La Vie est Belle, but have not tried the Absolu. It sounds as if the Absolu has tried too hard with the caramel aspects, from what you say. I will try and get a spray next time I am shopping.

    1. Hi Patsi, do you like gourmands generally? Do you like Angel? I have a theory that fans of La Vie will also like Angel. If so, I may have a teeny something to send you. Best wishes and thanks for dropping by. Always welcome!

      1. Hi Sam – i cant say that i have tried too many gourmands but i do NOT like Angel…. too sickly and at one time everyone was wearing it. I hate to wear a perfume that ANYONE else i know has on…. 🙂 I actually got given a free sample of Angel last week and am passing it on to a friend…. thank you for thinking of me anyhow! 🙂

  2. Ha! Better you than me. I loathed the original so was unlikely to be tempted to spritz myself, but now I know to beat a hasty retreat if anyone in the vicinity lays a hand on the bottle. This is the sort of service for which a grateful public thanks you.

    1. I can’t imagine your car smelling of this, knowing you as a I do. Your car will most likely smell of a retro chypre or something leathery and smoky!

  3. Thanks for taking one for the team. I too loathed the original, and indeed I’m never tempted by anything at the Lancome counter except the occasional spritz of O de Lancome.

    Sounds like this new Belle lasts longer than some marriages. Scary.

    1. Hi Annemarie- yes I was brave, wasn’t I? 🙂 Gourmands just mess with my brain and I totally agree you with you about the Lancome counter. Most things are too sweet apart from the O de Lancome range, although I did rather like Tresor Midnight Rose recently due to the lack of peach syrup so prevalent in the original Tresor.

      Thanks for commenting
      best wishes

  4. Interesting – I keep meaning to try Midnight Rose. At least, I did try it once but dismissed it, Must go back for another go. I loved that ad with Emma Watson.

  5. My Sprog (bless her) gave me a mini of this for my birthday. It was discreetly passed on to my dear Mama who famously ‘likes to smell herself’. So now you know what Mum’s church will be smelling of. 🙂

    1. Once again, everyone will know when your dear Ma has arrived in church! Either that or they will think someone has been making millionaires shortbread and come straight from their kitchen. Very sweet of Wordchick to think of perfume when she thinks of you.

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