Fragonard Emilie: A Beautiful Jewel on Your High Street


At the risk of sounding like a gushing fan, I adore Fragonard.  With packaging that makes my dressing table weep with joy, scents that go back to their Grasse roots ( pun intended), ingredients of high quality and prices that are very reasonable indeed, the only fault I could find with Fragonard is that they weren’t near enough for me to try and buy.

Well that last niggle has finally been solved by dear old Marks and Spencer, provider of knickers to Britain’s women in times of peace and crisis. Even in my tiny local M and S, there is now a decent Fragonard range and after dropping some subtle hints around my recent birthday, my husband and children bagged me a box of three mini Fragonards in parfum strength and today I am wearing Emilie.  (I got the soaps too).


Emilie has been compared to Yves Saint Laurent Paris  since it has dominant roses and violets, but I think Emilie is more intense and more of a classic blend.  Whereas Paris has a whiff of the eighties about it  (no bad thing, I love Paris and I love the eighties) I find that Fragonard scents remind me of thrice milled soap- the kind you find in hotel bathrooms in high end establishments.

There is a timelessness about Emilie.  It has the roses and violets, but it also has my favourite ingredient- Lily of The Valley, which makes Emilie the choice of a modern girl with taste, but could just have easily been found on a dressing table in the 1930s.

Today and yesterday I have been wearing the parfum and boy, does it last!  After ten hours of wear I got back home and thought I had just sprayemilieed something on my sleeve ( I usually have) but no, it was just Emilie enjoying a little renaissance after I had come in from the rain- it was almost self renewing.

So if you like your roses, your lily of the valley, the smell of expensive pure white soap, a hint of violets and a whisper of heat from an ambery basenote, then you have a treat in store, just left of the Food Hall if you’re local to me.fragmini

The box I am using is this one ( see left) but you can buy full bottles of Emilie from Marks and Spencer for just  £26 for 100m. Just look at that packaging- I’ll take ten!



4 thoughts on “Fragonard Emilie: A Beautiful Jewel on Your High Street”

  1. I just have to weigh in because this was the first perfume I ever bought and I got so excited to see it mentioned. As an adolescent, I visited Fragonard in Grasse, and picked this scent solely because Emilie was the name of a character in a movie I liked. I think I was too young to understand it, so it never got worn, but I always hung on to it as though I might someday. Of course, 16 years later, the fragrance has gone totally off, but I still keep the bottle. Now I feel like I should track down some of the fresh juice!

    1. Hi eleebellee and thanks for dropping by. I love to hear stories about how fragrance preferences came about. I love that you actually visited Grasse! I am so jealous. Fragonard is a brand you just can’t go wrong with. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes Sam 🙂

  2. Ooh you reminded me I have a mini tucked away in a drawer, must hunt it out. I fear it will not last long on me re my unfavourable skin but have learnt to appreciate the perfumes for the time they last. Fragonard, along with Molinard are very underated scents.

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