Its Sunshine and Pancake Day! Sunshine and Pancakes by 4160 Tuesdays

4160 Tuesdays

Sarah McCartney is a  blogger’s dream.  When searching for a perfume to match the season, there could be only one choice for today and it’s particularly appropriate because what I seek right now is optimism and this has it in spades.

Sunshine and Pancakes opens with bright, morning fresh oranges and lemons ( say the bells of St Clements). The scent is clean, bright and prickly- you could say astringent- which in my book, is always a good thing.  The clever thing about this, and indeed, about so many 4160 scents, is the metamorphosis that takes place once your skin warms it up.

You start with citrus, which then becomes the actual smell of pancakes.  Sarah comfortably sidesteps the Lemsip trap and includes both honey and lemon in the mix without getting remotely medicinal.  This gentle gourmand mash up blends in seamlessly as the honey/vanilla “Who’s-cooking-pancakes- smell segues into the base notes.  The baseneotes are woody with sandalwood and warm Benzoin but still has a hint of the morning about it, like the ground drying under the sun after a downpour.  There is a warm earthiness emerging, just as the day dawns and the sun comes out.


All this in one bottle.  Pretty impressive.  Sunshine and Pancakes makes me want to eat outside and listen to birdsong.

One important note:  when talking pancakes, we are talking the thin British pancakes with crunchy sugar and a hint of lemon, not the doughy, delicious maple syrup USA pancakes that are to die for with some wafer thin crispy bacon.  *cleans dribble off keyboard*.

 Stockists:  You can buy 4160 Tuesdays from the website,   as well as in person from 4160 HQ ( let them know first to check they’re about),  or from Burgin’s in York, and from Rouiller White.  In the USA and Canada you can buy a selection of 4160 Tuesdays scents from Indiescents, LuckyScent and excitingly- the Virgin Atlantic website to buy before you fly.


2 thoughts on “Its Sunshine and Pancake Day! Sunshine and Pancakes by 4160 Tuesdays”

  1. Talk about synchronicity! I made pancakes (the crepe-y ones of which you speak, being British after all) this morning and while they were a-cook, I was watching birds flock to the feeders in my yard. The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue – we are having a very unseasonable winter here in Oregon and it is almost Spring like already with daffs ready to flower – and I thought: “I want to eat outside and listen to the birds!” So I put on a jacket as its still nippy, rummaged around in the shed for a chair cushion and voila! All that was missing was this intriguing perfume which I have never smelled. In fact, I’m woefully ignorant of Sarah’s line, although I’ve read reviews. I will remedy that immediately after your great post.

    1. Sally, once again you are a woman after my own heart! Spring is such a beautiful season isn’t it? Birdsong and fresh air, no matter how cold, really seems to lift the soul. I only wish you lived nearer so I could send you some samples, but then I would miss your lovely Letters From America a la Alistair Cooke.

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