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I have almost, but not quite, given up on new releases on the High Street.  Whilst not blinding myself with prejudices, too many disappointments have rendered me cautious and jaded.

However, Clinique Aromatics in White caught me off guard.  I sniffed it, sprayed it, sniffed it again and went back the next day to spray it again and wheedle a sample or two from the nice sales assistant.

Don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say it reminded me strongly of Chanel Les Exclusifs Coromandel.  Yes Coromandel- that Holy Grail that is so exclusive they even put exclusive in the name. You have to travel to a major city just to try them.


I haven’t gone mad I can assure you.  Allow me to plead my case.  In my earlier review of Coromandel I said it reminded me of damp castle walls and a Milky Bar.  Clinique Aromatics in White has a distinct milkiness that stops short of being rich and creamy.  Coromandel has spiky patchouli and an underlying heat, as does Aromatics in White. Both have delicate watercolour roses radiating subtly throughout: enough to intrigue and just enough to stop these warm scents from going down the manly chest route, but  at the same time, both  have enough Benzoin to make them appealingly unisex.

I should point out at this stage that Aromatics in White is in no way a duplicate or even a copy of Coromandel, but they had enough qualities in common to remind me of each other.

As far as the original Aromatics Elixir goes, this is not similar, apart from a certain retro chypre feel to it that smacks of a classic already. If you like Aromatics Elixir, first of all, may I congratulate you on your great taste? And secondly, Aromatics in White may or may not be your thing, but I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a good go.  Launch time is usually when its easiest to get samples from the sales assistants so strike while the iron is hot.  It’s Limited Edition, which worries me, because I want it to stick around.

In a blind test I would have said Aromatics in White was either a Serge Lutens or an Eau Legere type thingy of Coromandel.  You can imagine how thrilled I am that I can bag something of such calibre on my High Street for around £55 for 50ml. Sniff and sigh.  Sniff and sigh…


Clinique Aromatics in White is available from House of Fraser, Selfridges, the Clinique website and Amazon, to name but four.

11 thoughts on “Clinique Aromatics in White”

  1. Ooh, I’ll have to see if this is anywhere around here. I’d seen it mentioned somewhere, but since Aromatics Elixir is waaay too sophisticated for me, I thought A. in White sounded intimidating. I will indeed give it a go if I get the chance.

  2. Hi Laurels, lovely to hear from you. yes do try this if you get the chance. i couldn’t find a stockist in the USA but I’m sure its on its way! Smells like niche, but doesn’t cost like niche!

    best wishes

  3. I obtained a sample a couple of days ago, and have nearly used it up. A pleasant surprise, I like the pepper note and the delicate rose – I agree its smells sophisticated enough to be niche. There are even 30ml bottles at a reasonable price, which are tempting for spring.

    1. Hi Alice and thanks for dropping by. I agree- this was a lovely surprise. There have been many new launches in the past year but this one really stood out and grabbed me by the lapels!

      The price is excellent for the quality.

      best wishes

  4. Although some will say it should not capitalise on the Aromatics Elixir name as they are only vaguely connected, I agree that it is not bad at all.

    You know there is an Aromatics in Black coming out soon?

    1. Hi Christos, lovely to hear from you. I didn’t know there was an In Black coming out- thanks for letting me know. I shall keep an eye out. Launch week is the best time to blag samples!

  5. Yes it really does smell very much like Coromandel by Chanel… I thought I was the only person that thought this but I’m glad I’m not the only one… Now I can keep my Chanel for special occasions and wear the Clinique on a daily basis or maybe even mix the two to see how they blend together ☺️

  6. Ugh!!!! This scent made me gag! I cannot stand perfumes with a heavy duty whomp of roses nd boy does this one have it! The amber mixed in with the roses was not a winning combination at all to me. I sprayed a small amount on my hand and hurried to my bathroom to wash off the horrid scent! Sorry, but I’ll stick with Aromatics Elixir and Aromatics in Black.

    1. Oh LadeeGee! This is so funny. We are polar opposites on this one. I thought White was fabulous and couldn’t bear Black. Since you feel so strongly about it, I’m going to go back and try Aromatics in Black again with fresh eyes. Your description was so good, I can’t resist. You and I agree both agree on Aromatics Elixir. In fact, I can’t think why I’ve never reviewed it. best wishes Sam xx

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