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The Perfume Society is for people like you and me.  At least I’m assuming you are interested in perfume if you are reading this, in which case, we‘re already on the same page: quite literally as a matter of fact.

 We know that once you really start to explore this extraordinary world, it’s a bit like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. So be prepared to awaken your senses…The Perfume Society

The Perfume Society exists to encourage and *cough* enable perfume fans (they are temptresses!) to explore existing classics and discover a few new favourites along the way.  It is a welcoming presence and they’re a friendly bunch of people.


So why am I raving about the Perfume Society Discovery Box?  Well, I already subscribe to one Discovery Club Box with The Fragrance Shop and whilst I love getting the smart black boxes through the post, I have yet to be hugely inspired or excited by them.  They are usually made up of brand new releases with a definite commercial mass market appeal.  In other words, I like getting a box of samples, but I don’t feel the Fragrance Shop Boxes were made for me.

Cut to the Perfume Society Discovery Box and here’s what it contained:

A spray sample of Chloe,

A spray sample of Viva La Juicy Noir

a spray sample of L’Air du Temps,

a splash  sample of Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel ( reviewed on this blog),

a spray sample of Paco Rabanne Lady Million,

a small bottle of Salavador Dali Wild (in adorable leopard print bottle),

a boxed spray of  Atkinsons 24 old Bond Street,

a tube of Crabtree and Evelyn Lily hand cream,

and a mini bottle of Versace Black Crystal in a cute little box.


Also included was a smart handbag sized notebook for writing down the name of something you try and can’t later put a name to ( if you’re me),  a pad of detachable scented strips made of nice porous blotting paper, and some rather smart postcards with  both fragrance notes and  cues for discussion, just like a book club, but with perfume.

In fact The Perfume Society encourages you to start your own perfume club, which I plan to do, and I already have two willing candidates in mind.  To be honest, I’m getting too old for hangovers but an excuse to crack open the Battenburg and unleash the Big Sample Box sounds right up my street.


The Perfume Society costs £25 a year for VIP membership and includes the first discovery box free of charge.  After that you can buy discovery boxes for discounted prices  as a member (non members pay full price).  You also get sent an e-magazine called The Scented Letter which will be gladly received by me at least – look as I might, I have not found a perfume magazine anywhere on the High Street. There are also UK events such as workshops and talks that are refreshingly not just in London.

So yes, I welcome the Perfume Society and as a perfume fan, I know they welcome me too.


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