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Pell Wall perfumes
Pell Wall perfumes

I like violets and I like small perfume houses, and this perfume house recently sent me some bottles to review, for which I am extremely grateful.  However, as always, I should state that just because it’s free, doesn’t mean I have to write something nice if I don’t like it.  But in this case I am going to write something nice because when it comes to Pell Wall Perfumes, they’ve just bagged themselves a die-hard fan.


Pell Wall is the brain child of Chris Bartlett, who does everything himself.  There is a vast choice of reasonably priced perfume in beautiful Jeeves and Wooster style packaging and the quality is jolly good indeed, even including a hypo-allergenic scent called Haiku which I will be reviewing soon.

I told Chris I like violets and a few days later found myself the owner of a bottle of Deep Purple, for which many thanks Chris!.

However, if you’re a violet fan, be warned that there are no parma violets here but more of a wet garden violet.  Deep Purple smells like a real violet from the garden crushed between your fingers.  The violet is actually faint, but there, like a pastel washed background.  Initially Deep Purple went waxen on me, and bizarre as it sounds, for a moment I was transported back to primary school in the early seventies ( but I look younger) and the smell of the brand new, inexplicably waterproof toilet roll that was in local schools back then.

Don’t take this as a bad thing, but the opening did smell like clean water, wet paper and wax just for a second.  In fact the total lack of sweetness reminded me, believe it or not, of Guerlain Après L’Ondée, which in turn makes me think of melancholy stone statues in the rain.



Deep Purple, despite its Rock Star Spring like name, is a grown up violet in watercolour where the violet is the star of the show, but not in many scenes.  There is wet moss faintly, and fat droplets of rain on green leaves on a cold day.  This is violet for grown ups and having had the frills and lace taken away, this is beautifully unisex.


Prices for Deep Purple start at just £21 for 30ml, or you can buy samples starting at £5 (free postages) or a set of  mixed Pell Wall 9x 10ml bottles for just £49. Try the website here.


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