How to Get Perfume Samples


The Perfume Society
The Perfume Society


Blind Buys have taught me a lesson many times and it’s often a lesson I choose to ignore.  So many times have I seen a bargain perfume, read some reviews of it, looked up the notes and decided to buy it, only to be disappointed.  You can always sell your disappointments on eBay but you rarely get the same price back that you paid for it.

In the frugal month of January, which is usually grey and makes Christmas look sad and outdated within days, something nice in the post always cheers me up.  A set of samples to work through can help you make a considered decision about your next perfume buy, whilst being a very pleasant way to spend an evening indoors as the wind and rain lash outside.

Samples are the best way to live with a scent for a few days and below is a round up of the best.   They also make great gifts for people when you don’t know what they like, and more importantly- when they don’t know what they like either!  When you come across samples that you don’t like, hang on to them as they are great for swapping (see point 12 below)

So here are my twelve best places to get samples. I’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. These are all UK.

Where do you get yours?


The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box. – Every quarter, for five quid, you get sent a Discovery Club Box with between six and nine samples in.  Some you may already know and some may be new releases.  All High Street popular stuff rather than niche, but it works for me.


The Fragrance Shop
The Fragrance Shop

The Perfume Society Beauty Box when you subscribe to the Perfume Society for £25 a year you receive a Discovery Box, free of charge, full of scented goodies.  After that you can buy a Discovery Box for the discounted price of only £10. A great way to learn about scent new and old.


The Perfume Society
The Perfume Society

Penhaligon’s Library of Scent– ten samples- five male, five females (but knickers to that, I wear men’s stuff very often) at the very reasonable price of £12.80 on or on Amazon.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Boite a Parfums– you can get these online and each pretty tin contains ten 2ml splash samples of L’Artisan Parfumeur fragrances.

sample tin

Papillon Perfumes– To experience what critics are talking about right now, you can order a sample set of all four Papillon scents for just £15 plus £3 shipping .   Critically acclaimed and beloved of perfume fans and bloggers alike, the Papillon collection could lead to you buying a full bottle. A little goes a long way. Heed my warning.  You will fall in love.


4160 Tuesdays: There are all sorts of ways to sample these unique scents from handbag sized bottles to a full set of samples.  Prices start from just £6 for a generous 4ml splash bottle.  I’m a big fan. Here’s the link to the 4160 Tuesdays website.


Pell Wall Perfumes-A Shropshire based UK independent perfumery which is the brainchild of Nose Chris Bartlett. There are  some great variations here: £5 for 5 x 1ml samples including postage (four of your choice and one “lucky dip”), or 9 generous 10ml bottles for £49. Here’s the link.

Discover-Pell-Wall-Box small


Les Senteurs– The biggest range of niche samples I know of in the UK – they have just about everything I can think of and many more I had never heard of or tried.  Here’s the website– but be careful- you can get quite lost in it. Heaven!


at Les Senteurs
at Les Senteurs: I’m the passer by, not the glamorous customer.

Cath Collins: A “cottage” perfumery which makes great zesty scents inspired by flowers from Cath’s own garden. Three  EDT samples for £5.25 inc shipping or £7.00 for four, including shipping. Full sized bottles are reasonably priced at £29.50 for 30ml. Here’s the link to the website.


Jo Loves: Try the Fragrance Discovery Gift Experience which gives you a sample set and the option of a full bottle of your favourite. All fabulous quality and mouth wateringly good. Here’s the website link.


EBay: you’d be amazed what people sell. Try for bulk packs of samples such as Thierry Mugler Angel– sometimes cheaper than buying the smallest bottle and handy for your handbag.



Swapping  Swap with other perfume lovers on Fragrantica, basenotes and Facebook groups.  Join up, join in and get involved. Perfume lovers are generous souls and love to spread the joy and share.  This is where all those samples you don’t care for come in handy and can be used as swapping currency.

9 thoughts on “How to Get Perfume Samples”

  1. What about Amazing niche selection and international shipping. Plus free samples with fb orders and good customer service. What’s not to like?

    1. Hi Cedric and welcome to IScentYouADay!

      I agree that LuckyScent is real gem and beloved of we perfume fans, but I believe they are in LA and I was sticking to the UK with this one. But Lucky Scent certainly deserve that shout out! I do hope my USA readers won’t feel too left out today.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you’ll come again.

      best wishes

    1. Hi Aileen and sorry for late reply. I shall add scent samples to my list of things to try! Thank you as always

      best wishes
      Sam xxx

  2. Hi Aileen,

    you are always warmly welcome here! Thanks for the tip. I shall go and have a look at them.

    Best wishes Sam

  3. Great post! I know of and have used some of these, but others are new to me, thanks for the tips! I’ve recently ordered samples from Bloom Perfumery ( and would recommend them – generous-sizes samples in plastic atomisers (so portable! so convenient!) for very reasonable prices. There’s also Roullier White ( which I’ve not tried yet but looks good. I’ve also ordered from Nose in France ( – you pay a bit more for shipping, but I think it works out quite reasonably overall if you buy quite a few samples.

    1. Hi yellow cello and apologies for the tardy reply. I very much appreciate your very informative comment- there’s a lot in there I shall try myself!

      I have looked at Nose in France and I particularly liked their little quiz where they ask you to list your favourites and then match you to similar scent you haven’t tried yet and put sample sets together. Great idea!

      warm wishes

  4. When I was in furious squirrelling mode in 2008-9, and notwithstanding my location in the UK, my three go-to resources were eBay, The Perfumed Court (now Surrender to Chance) and Luckyscent. Plus the odd high end sample from Les Senteurs. There are so many more resources available now, which is great. You can also of course just ring up perfume houses and ask – they don’t all charge, or didn’t used to, but that may have changed. Thinking of the likes of Ormonde Jayne and Miller Harris. You can also ask for samples when you are in store, though that is quite hit and miss unless you catch the early days of a launch.

    1. Hi Vanessa, I agree there are more places now and there are some good recommendations in your post. Did you used to order from the USA?

      I do find however, that SAs are tricker to get samples out of these days. In fact, the Fragrance Shop in Cardiff told me that they had no samples whatsoever anywhere in their store, which I found a teeny bit hard to believe, but then again, maybe they keep them all for the Discovery Club Box.

      Thanks for commenting, always a pleasure when you drop by!

      best wishes

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