Papillon Artisan Perfumes Anubis: An Extraordinary Début


IScentYouADay turns two today, so I guess  being two I can throw a few things, bite stuff and go to bed early.  This is also my 500th post, so it is a significant day to me.  It wasn’t easy to pick a scent for my 500th post and 2nd birthday, but then I had a lightbulb moment.  I have already reviewed two of the terrific perfumes from Papillon Artisan Perfumes, but that elusive Anubis kept escaping me.  Twice it has been lost and twice it has been found.  The second time was today,  and it felt right to choose it when it turned up again as if fated to.  I am therefore choosing ( and wearing) Papillon Artisan Perfumes Anubis for my 500th post.  It is quite simply outstanding and well on its way to becoming a cult classic.

It’s fair to say that 2014 was an extraordinary year for Papillon Artisan Perfumes.  With only three scents to the name, the critical response has been enormous with the industry sitting up and taking notice in the very first year of their launch.

For Nose Liz Moores, Anubis holds a personal place in her heart, initially being a creation for herself.  After  being asked so many times what her perfume was, Liz made it available to the public (hooray!) and after several incarnations, Anubis was born.


Oddly enough, when I reviewed Papillon Angelique, it was instant love but I really struggled to describe it.  It was almost as if it were a classic already and as such, impossible to deconstruct.  I found myself in the same position with Anubis.  I know I love it, but it’s hard to explain why.  I could tell you the notes, but it would be like looking at the sheet music instead of listening to the opera.

Here’s what it smells like to me:  An ancient stone walled chapel, as old as a millennium and infused with the smoke from a thousand thuribles. Imagine all that, only on leather, with a bonfire in the middle distance, and a hint of Egyptian embalming oils. That is what Anubis says to me.

But here are the notes so that you can pad out my  subjective description:  suede, jasmine, pink lotus, castoreum, immortelle, saffron, myrrh, benzoin, rose and frankincense.

Anubis has been blended so seamlessly that each note segues flawlessly into the next.  As a whole, it makes one resounding chord, as if it’s always been around.  If you like Tauer Lonestar Memories or Cuir Ottoman by Parfum D’Empire (both excellent), then I am almost certain you will like Anubis too.  Longevity is around ten hours on my skin, and this is eau de parfum strength.

Anubis has already made waves and friend of the blog MeganInStMaxime named it as her favourite launch of 2014.  The great Persolaise has also lauded it, and dear Thomas aka the Candy Perfume Boy has awarded fellow Papillon scent  Tobacco Rose one of his coveted “Candy” Awards. The mighty Kafkaesque writes a superb and comprehensive review of Anubis that I cannot begin to compete with, you can find it here.

Anubis is unique: by turns it is smoky, leathery, spicy and redolent with incense and enigma.

And as for Liz Moores?  Utterly charming and a delight to deal with.

During my visit to Les Senteurs way back in Oh…2014, I was pleased to see the trio of Papillons by the door, among illustrious company, as they have every right to be.  I believe there will be more brewing over at Papillon one day and I believe there will be a queue around the block…


Happy Blog-aversary to me! and thank you for popping by!

Stockists:  Papillon Artisan Perfumes are available from the Papillon website, from Les Senteurs, or in the USA from Indigo Perfumery.

7 thoughts on “Papillon Artisan Perfumes Anubis: An Extraordinary Début”

  1. Congrats to you, two years is a real milestone and I do hope you have a glass of champers this evening to celebrate or else some chocolate! Such a great perfume for the occasion and thanks for linking to my post x

    1. Thank you megan- loving your blog!

      I shall soldier on with your champagne instructions. It’s a hard job…:-)

    1. Thank you Lucas. Next time you’re in the UK, I hope you will get a chance to sample them at Les Senteurs! Happy New Year!

      Warmest wishes

  2. Congratulations on turning two. No biting! (Also on 500 posts.)

    I happened to see this post pop up on Bloglovin’ just before I went to bed last night, and remembered I had an untried sample of Anubis. I’m sporting it now, and it is indeed a wonderful thing. It started off very smoky on me, and I thought, interesting, but do I want to smell like this? After a while it turned a bit powdery, with a hint of sweetness, and I thought, why yes, I very much want to smell like this. I got a brief sniff of Tobacco Rose at the Scent Bar, and I am kicking myself now for not trying it on skin (it smelled pretty great, but I find many rose perfumes difficult), and I can see why everyone who encounters the Papillon perfumes becomes a fan. Angelique is now up near the top of my to-sample list, although unless I have a reason (or an excuse) to be near the Scent Bar, it’ll have to wait until my finances recover from Christmas.

    1. Ah dear Laurels, how I wish you lived nearer once again! I could easily send you my sample of Angelique! Next time I go to the states I will post you some stuff!

      I have a sample of Angelique and also a full bottle ( swoon!) and would happily send you a few samples of good stuff to tide you over.

      Tobacco Rose is a perfect rose for people who don’t like rose. The rose is elevated to something so rich and heady and spicy that its in a different league and it lasts around 14 hours.

      Wonderful. Have I wished a Happy New Year yet? If so, here’s another wish- have a fantastic 2015 and may all your dreams come true xx

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