Byredo Flowerhead: Not For the Faint Hearted



This is my first review of a Byredo scent but it won’t be my last.  Byredo is the new kid in class, being a relatively young company- it was established in 2006 by founder Ben Gorham.  Ben discovered a passion for perfumery and with a bit of guts and gusto, he founded Byredo, despite not being an experienced perfumer himself.  He collaborated with legendary noses Olivia Giacobetti and  rising star Jerome Epinette, so even though Ben’s not making them himself, he has harnessed the talent of two experts.

Byredo Flowerhead is today’s review and it was inspired by the flowers at Indian weddings. Ben’s mother is Indian, so I am guessing the inspiration is from first hand experience. At an Indian wedding, flowers are everywhere: as décor, in hair, around necks and as backdrops.  The scent is heady and all pervading, and this is where Flowerhead came from.

First off, if you don’t like tuberose, I doubt you will like this.  The tuberose jumps up and bops you on the nose as soon as your skin warms it. It’s heady, thick and creamy, just like good tuberose should be, but is lightened with a hint of citrus and slightly tart cranberry to cut through the richness. In the base there is ambergris, but it can’t wait til then, so it  wafts in a few minutes after you’ve sprayed it. The combination of tuberose and ambergris is a heady one, but I like it.  After several hours, you are left with a toned down leather (actually suede) and ambergris combo with an edging of white flowers. It’s almost masculine, but agreeable for all that.

I therefore would not recommend Byredo Flowerhead for office wear and nor does it pass the commuter train test.  However, I would wear it on those days when you want to be noticed, and you want to be yourself and make a mark.  Actually, I hope that’s everyday.  Oh sod the rules, wear it to work! What are we waiting for?  Godot?

Stockists:  in the UK you can buy Byredo Flowerhead from Liberty and Harrods and in the USA you can get it from, Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York.

Thank you, as ever, to Lisa Wordbird, for the sample.


8 thoughts on “Byredo Flowerhead: Not For the Faint Hearted”

    1. Hi Megan, they are worth a sniff. They were kind of off my radar until Lisa lent me some samples, and then i thought “Ah! I’ve heard of these!” and ended up reviewing the first one I tried.

  1. Actually, I have to pass the buck to the great and glorious Danny for passing the sample on to me first. 🙂 That’s the nice thing about this perfume community – people share their enthusiasm and send each other ‘stuff’.

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