4160 Tuesdays Tart’s Knicker Drawer: Coup De Foudre

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As a perfume lover, (as I imagine you are too if you are reading this), I am always searching for that thunderbolt moment when you find treasure.  You know that moment when you smell a perfume that you love immediately and plot to own by fair means or foul as soon as you’ve sniffed it?  Well that happened to me with Tart’s Knicker Drawer by 4160 Tuesdays.

Sarah McCartney, founder, Nose and Grande Dame of 4160 Tuesdays, very kindly sent me some samples recently for my perusal.  As always, I am  delighted to receive them, on the proviso that I will be honest  whether or not I like them.  She also kindly included a very glossy coloured chart which categorises the many 4160 Tuesdays scents.  This is jolly handy and I wish more places would do this.

photo by World of Oddy via Flickr with kind permission of A.Oddy


Tart’s Knicker Drawer happened, as often the best things do, by accident.  Sarah had been mixing so many potions in the lab that she joked she would be getting on the bus smelling like “a tart’s boudoir”. Encouraged by several voices of approval and generally egged on to bottle it up, Tart’s Boudoir became Tart’s Knicker Drawer and golly, I’m glad, because I love it.

What I smell:  violets, some pretty green notes, the contents of a messy dressing table covered in snowy white talc with a blob of Pond’s Cold Cream spilled onto it, some ambery spice making it smell a bit chypre-y (new word alert!) and a strong, strident resonance that arrives in the room and says “I’m impossibly feminine and glamorous and if I want to wear a velvet dress and red lipstick before cocktail hour, then I shall.”

The official description of the notes is very different to my interpretation above .  I wondered if I should list them all because the list of notes alone does not do justice to this lovely retro, powdery, powerhouse of a scent that smells like it was made for ladies in stockings who have very messy dressing tables and perfectly set hair that stays put for a week.  What I would say is don’t look at them too closely because if you try and imagine them in your head, you will miss the serendipity of this happy accident.

Here are the notes:

top notes: bergamot, orange, grapefruit, pink peppercorn,

heart notes: raspberry, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood, violet, tuberose, guaiac wood

base notes: amber, musk, vanilla, benzoin, tobacco.

cities collection samples
The Cities Collection- 4160 Tuesdays

As for me, I want to always have a bottle of this so here’s a message for the lovely Sarah : Thank you for making it and please don’t stop!

Stockists:  prices are very reasonable indeed at £40 for 30ml,  £60 for 50ml or £90 for 100ml of eau de parfum.  When you think how many rent-a-scent beauty counter fragrances  cost the same and can be so forgettable, then it makes really good sense to go niche for the same price, or even less.

In the UK you can buy Tart’s Knicker Drawer from the 4160 Tuesdays website, in Europe (Benelux) 4160 scents are available from www.parfumaria.com  and in the USA you can buy  a selection of 4160 Tuesdays scent from www.luckyscent.com and in Canada from  www.indiescents.com

Don’t forget the cute sample sets (Tart’s Knicker Drawer comes under Frocks and Hats) and handbag sized bottles from the 4160 website.


5 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays Tart’s Knicker Drawer: Coup De Foudre”

  1. Ahhh I haven’t commented for ages but I have been reading. Her perfumes need to win a naming award. Love this one. I need to sample her work – I like the humour she brings to the fold. God knows perfume could do with a sense of humour sometimes!

    1. Hello dear Megan and how lovely to hear from you as ever!

      I agree that Sarah has a joie de vivre that is most welcome in FragranceLand, which is after all a land of dreams and possibilities.

      There is some confusion over whether it’s Draw or Drawer. Bottle says drawer, website says draw, but apart from that weeny bump in an otherwise perfect road, this is fabulous and I hope you get to enjoy it at some point!

      warm wishes
      Sam 🙂

  2. What a fabulous name! How could I not read a post with that in the title when it popped up in my inbox this morning?? I’m familiar with Ms McC but haven’t tried any of her frags – this will be remedied immediately. And I agree with Meganinstmaxime, the perfume business needs an infusion of levity – many houses and perfumers take themselves way too seriously. Without justification imo, and with a correspondingly fat $$$ value. Thanks for a witty (as usual) and engaging post that has me scuttling off to luckyscent …. NOW!!!

    1. Hello dear Sally! You are warmly welcome as always.

      I agree with you about prices. I am staggered at the price of many over the counter bestsellers that smell a bit “meh” to me. 4160s are often cheaper than these and they have so much character that it’s a no brainer really.

      If you like the really old classics, which I know you do, you may like 4160 Lady Rose Lion Monkey Unicorn which apparently smells like a chypre from 1900, but I haven’t identified which one.

      Enjoy yourself at Luckyscent. I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

      best wishes
      Sam 🙂

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