Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose: Dark Rose For a Dark Night

midnight rose

 It’s Halloween tomorrow so I thought I’d opt for something dark and mysterious.  Since I will be busy carving up pumpkins and looking mildly evil tomorrow, I thought I’d post this a day early.

Lancôme Trésor is a rose/peach classic, but it’s sadly not quite my cup of tea. Me and peach don’t generally get along, although I’m rather partial to the deeper note of apricot.  However, over in flanker-land, there are more than enough  flankers to choose from and today I am trying out  Trésor Midnight Rose.

Me, looking "mildly evil"
Me, looking “mildly evil”

Midnight Rose opens with blackcurrants straight away.  As much as I hesitate over too much fruit in a fragrance, blackcurrant seems dark and almost bitter enough to work. There is also raspberry, but all I could get was blackcurrant.  Fine by me and OK so far.  The rose which emerges next is flanked by jasmine and peony, keeping things pretty and feminine.  However it’s the base notes that give this a nice woody kick and makes it more dark temptress than country garden.  I was looking for woods and patchouli in the notes but actually its cedar, musk and vanilla.

In fact, had I read the notes and the description I might not have given this a chance.  With raspberry and vanilla together, you would think it would be more raspberry ripple ice cream, but in fact it’s more of a dark chocolate Magnum.  This just goes to prove that there’s no test quite like your own nose.

Lancôme  Trésor Midnight Rose is a decent, not-too-sweet spicy rose that is ideal for evening.

Me: Not evil really

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it, and how long it lasted.

As for me, on Halloween, it will be a toss up between Midnight Rose and Miller Harris Rose en Noir  (see my earlier review).  But since the general smell on Halloween is candy, gingerbread and sparklers, nobody would mind if I wore both.

Stockists: Lancôme  Trésor Midnight Rose is widely available in the UK and you can get it online from Escentual and Selfridges to name but two.  In Canada and the USA you can get it from Lancôme USA and Lancôme Canada.

2 thoughts on “Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose: Dark Rose For a Dark Night”

  1. As you know, I’m not a rose fan. But when I saw this on the counter, for some reason I mentally mixed it up with Magnifique, which I rather like, and had a spritz. It’s good! I like it. And now you’ve surprised me by reminding me how peachy Tresor is. Hmm.

    As for tomorrow, I shall, of course, be wearing Halloween from Possets. How could I not? 😀
    Happy Fangday! xxx

    1. Hello lovely, I’m not a huge fan of peaches as you know so I’m not a die hard lover of Tresor, although I admire it objectively. Midnight Rose is a different story though.

      Halloween from Possets is fab and if I recall correctly, I believe that Possets Ghost Fart was my Halloween review last year. Jolly good it was too. xxx

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