Loewe Quizas Seducion: Straight to Voicemail



Previously on IScentYouADay (Imagine Voice Over Man’s voice) we reviewed Quizas Quizas Quizas Pasion from Spanish luxe company Loewe, which claimed to be “more intense than the most erotic caresses”, but wasn’t.  Today we are reviewing  Quizas Seducion.  But did it seduce our blogger?

Okay, back to my normal voice now.  In a word- No.  You know those tins of fruit cocktail that come in tropical flavour and all the fruits are a bit hard?  Sniff one of those instead, it’s cheaper, but  will still smell more expensive than Quizas Seducion.

The top notes of Quizas Seducion are passion fruit, oranges and blackberries, followed by middle notes of jasmine, tuberose and orange flower, rounded off with base notes of  caramel and vanilla.



What it actually smells like is the aforementioned tinned fruit with a tinny, reedy note of urinal freshener blocks in Ocean Fresh.

This is unfortunate because Loewe Aura is actually pretty good and leathery, so don’t write off the whole brand on my word alone, but in this case I would sniff the tinned fruit instead and save a lot of money.

My sample was in this quarter’s Discovery Box from the Fragrance Shop, which I really recommend, although as you can  probably tell, it is very much pot luck.  Needless to say, it’s NOT going in my letter to Santa this year.

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