4160 Tuesdays Tokyo Spring Blossom (Urura’s Tokyo Café): A Modern Marvel


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I have reviewed several 4160 Tuesdays scents before, but in case you missed them, here’s what you need to know:  Perfumer Sarah McCartney founded 4160 Tuesdays and says that if we live to be 80 we will have 4160 Tuesdays.  Use them to do something you love.  Sarah uses Tuesdays to make perfumes.  And I’m jolly glad she does.


4160 Tuesdays Urura’s Tokyo Café now called Tokyo Spring Blossom opens with grapefruit and mandarin, then beds down into the heart notes: rose and violet, before merging gloriously into the base notes: raspberry leaf and myrhh.

It was intended to smell like a Spring Breeze and was made for a charity event at thec Café of Sarah’s friend Urura, whose name, spookily enough, turns out to mean Spring Breeze.  In other words, this was meant to be!

Tokyo Spring Blossom does indeed open with citruses and then beds down into strong rose and violet.  They are almost as one, and you can hardly tell them apart, which I love.  It reminds me of a cross between those little violet breath sweets and  a gob full of top quality Turkish Delight at the same time.  However the Myrrh ( or Opoponax if you will) gives this a  nice churchy feel, as if you have entered a medieval church at a Christmas Market whilst eating Narnia street food.


The quality is excellent: resonance and longevity both get  10/10 and the price is right too: £40 for 30ml.  Bear in mind that this lasts as long as a winter, so you don’t need frequent top ups like you do with other cheaper scents.

What sets 4160 Tuesdays apart from other brands is that there is a hand made artisan vibe about the scents.  It’s as if the ingredients still have their rough edges and haven’t been over processed.  The rose really smells like sticking your nose in a rose, rather than smelling like an impression of synthetic roses.  If these scents were drawings, they would be  pavement oil pastels and they wouldn’t stay in the lines.

Urura’s Tokyo Café is available from the 4160 Tuesdays website,  and if you’re in the USA or Canada, you can buy  a selection of 4160 Tuesdays scents from  Rouiller White ( though sadly not this one, at least not yet)  Also check out the cute  sample sets– good British niche that needn’t break the bank.



5 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays Tokyo Spring Blossom (Urura’s Tokyo Café): A Modern Marvel”

  1. This is my absolute favourite of Sarah’s fragrances! I love rose-violet combos, and this one is PERFECT – as you say, those two notes are so perfectly balanced, that you can’t really separate them or work out which one you’re smelling. It’s both my favourite rose fragrance and my favourite violet fragrance. The sparkling grapefruit top notes stop it from being too sticky-sweet, and the resinous base is SO much more delicious than other rose-violet combos]

    1. Hi yellowcello and welcome!

      I totally agree with you. Sarah has stopped this from being sickly by adding some zingy citrus and the combo of rose and violet works seamlessly.

      At the same time, it has a kind of cleanness about it that I really love. All told, it costs about the same or less than many new High Street launches which leave me cold and don’t come near this kind of quality or longevity.

      I have reviewed several 4160 scents now on this blog- do have a look around!

      thanks for dropping by
      best wishes

  2. Hi Sam, thanks for the reply and your welcome! I’m an intermittent lurker and have been particularly enjoying your reviews of the Library of Fragrance scents. I’m a big 4160 Tuesdays fan and love seeing them get all these positive reviews that they deserve 🙂

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