Kenzo Jeu D’Amour: the Best of The Bunch



As much as I love my little Fragrance Shop Discovery Boxes, I was a little disappointed this month.  I am hoping that this means that they are going to over compensate in the December Box.

For those who don’t know, the Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box is a smart black box  containing perfume samples of fragrances available from the Fragrance Shop- usually, but not exclusively, new releases. It costs £5 a quarter and I’m a big fan of the scheme, even if I prefer some boxes over others.

One of the samples in this week’s box was Kenzo Jeu D’Amour and if you like tuberose, then you’re in for a treat.  It opens with tuberose straight away: creamy but floral.  It’s very much a commercial tuberose that has been made palatable and pretty, rather than the almost medicinal strand found in Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle.

There are many notes listed but I found they were drowned out by the tuberose (not really a bad thing in my book).  So if you try this, do let me know if you found the green tea, the pomegranate and the mandarin, because I did not.  (Doesn’t it sound like a fabulous treasure hunt though?)

The addition of Freesia makes this user friendly and the base is indeed exactly as it says: sandalwood and musk.  However the tuberose never goes away.  If you like tuberose with a feminine, pretty angle to it then this is for you.  Out of all of the five samples I received in my Discovery Box, this was my favourite.  Bravo Kenzo.

Kenzo Jeu D’Amour is available from the Fragrance Shop in the UK in person or online. I can’t find USA stockists right now, so I guess its launching soon.  I’ll keep you posted!



4 thoughts on “Kenzo Jeu D’Amour: the Best of The Bunch”

  1. I tried this on card the other day and thought it quite promising. Wishing I had sprayed it on skin now – am a big Kenzo fan generally. I didn’t even notice it was tuberose (my nose is a bit poor like that), but I clocked a pretty floral woody musk of some kind. Yes, will look out for this again.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Always honoured to have a fellow blogger drop by! How are things over at BonkersAboutPerfume?

      In truth I didn’t pick up on the tuberose until this was sprayed on skin. On paper it didn’t show its full hand. Worth a try next time you’re passing by a beauty counter!

      best wishes

  2. I do like a Kenzo. One of those brands that gently chugs along, knocking out extremely popular fragrances that are often just a bit different. I loved L’Eau par Kenzo, with its stunning fresh-cut-grass top note and have two bottles of Kenzo Amour (one of the perfume, one of the edt), which I am waiting for my daughter to pinch off me when she realises what a yummy vanilla it is. I even have a little travel bottle of Kenzo Flower, though it’s not really my cup of tea.

    Do you think, dear IScent, that we are heading for a more ‘blockbuster’ phase of perfumes? We had the ‘no scents’ of the 90s, when everyone wanted to just smell clean, then the vanilla/gourmand surge of the noughts followed by the fruitichooli pandemonium you and I both dislike so much… So are we seeing a phase of ‘bombshells’? (Though I doubt we’ll ever see anything so massive as the 80s shoulder-padded monsters like Poison and Opium.)

    1. D’you know old chum, you might be right.

      I have noticed a few brands forming brave splinter groups and moving away from the huge vat of cupcake fruitichouli that smells the same no matter what bottle they dress it up as.

      Of the new launches in the past year I noticed Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana was very Gardenia, Modern Muse was very Narciso Rodrigeuz, Aura by Loewe was lovely and leathery and now Jeu d’Amour is a big tuberose. I am seeing positive green shoots!

      Dare we hope my friend??

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