Miller Harris Fleur du Matin: Morning Glorious


Miller Harris is a reliable brand.  To me I can rely on the fact that their scent will always be very good quality and long-lasting.  You pay a little more than High Street prices, but the quality is of a much higher calibre which makes it worth it in my book (or should I say on my blog?)

Fleur du Matin is a well made lemon-y herbal cologne.  Nothing new there you may think, but what makes this different is the longevity and the quality of the ingredients which can both stand out individually and, like a good choir, can do harmony too.

So you can pick out the Basil, Galbanum, Marjoram, Neroli , Grapefruit, Pine, Honeysuckle, Jasmine,  and of course the all pervading tartness of the Amalfi lemon.  However, you can also enjoy the long lasting herby/lemon base note where all is blended and all stays fresh and zingy for at least six hours- no mean feat for a citrus.

Everything that is fresh and revitalising has been used, and I don’t mean in the kind of way where you cast your nets wide and hope for the best. Fleur du Matin smells almost impossibly clean and fresh, like sticking your face in a bowl of fresh cut lemons after an invigorating shower just after a big rainfall outside whilst the back door is wide open, letting in the fresh air.

It will wake you up and it will delight you.  I also declare it office and commuter friendly.

You can buy Fleur du Matin from the Miller Harris website, or on If you’re in the USA or Canada, there is a selection of Miller Harris fragrances on and


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