Library of Fragrance Grass : Sweet Fairytale Grass!

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Library of Fragrance Grass made me think of a summer meadow on an ordinary, overcast Tuesday in September.  As therapy alone, this stuff works.

Grass  doesn’t just smell of grass- it smells of the sweet fresh meadow grass that made the Billy Goats Gruff risk Death by Troll.  It is the kind of grass you imagine in fairytales, rather than the earthy, bitter freshly mown stuff you get from mowers.   It is the grass from a storybook, or from your childhood.  It has a sweetness to it that took me back decades, where you could stay out late and get muddy and have the time of your life (which is why young folk still go to Glastonbury these days, bless ‘em).

Despite the whole Library of Fragrance Range being cologne sprays, I have found that longevity is at least equal to, if not better than, a good eau de toilette.  Library of Fragrance Grass is a delightfully, botanically sweet perfume (no sugar here!).  I would actually skip this in summer, and keep it for winter, when you need a reminder of the real thing.

It makes me feel all happy and smiley. Not bad for £15 a bottle.


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