Library of Fragrance: Why I’m Excited by This New Launch

the_library_of_fragrance   For a long time I have remained uninspired by new High Street fragrance releases.  Every now and then there’s a few I like, but I have been generally underwhelmed.  There seems to be a sea of cupcakes, vanilla and berries infiltrating every tempting bottle I approach.  Even the good ones seem to lack the oomph I seek.  I’ve even started to miss the Eighties with their outrageous “look at me!” sillage, and  even the Nineties with their gentle simplicty.   It is little wonder I almost always buy online these days.  Such is my frustration that I have started experimenting with layering and looking at soliflores to create my own ideas about what I want from a fragrance.  I certainly can find very little from the raft of new releases put under my nose these days. Parfum_Patchouli_ml However, as if a nice person somewhere was reading my mind, along comes Library of Fragrance and kindly gives me my own mixing deck. Library of Fragrance  may sound like newbies until you know that they are actually famous fragrance realists Demeter.  Due to a legality, they cannot use that name in Europe and so over here in the UK, they are called Library of Fragrance.

You can find the range in Boots the Chemist on your local High Street.  They are even in my own small local branch, so you don’t have to live in a big city to access them. The cost is very reasonable indeed at £15 for one bottle or £25 for two (one for you and one for me), which makes Christmas shopping suddenly look very tempting. So far I have tried six of them ( There are 28) and will be reporting back one by one.

So far I love them all. What excites me is that I can pretty much make my own scent of the day. ( IScentYouaDay can Scent Me a Day!)  by layering simple  Patchouli over Musk, or using the greener than green Four Leaf Clover on its own, or even by using the composite scents such as Rain, Snow or Moonbeam. libfrag4 No longer do I have to wait until the fragrance industry stops targeting launches at 17-27 year olds.  Finally we fortysomethings ( who look younger, obviously *cough*) can get our mitts on an array of well made perfumes with a choice that hasn’t been made for us by a focus group and a finance forecast.

Accessible, affordable, lots of variety, good quality… what more could I want? Oh yes, and you get Boots Advantage Points if you buy them, which can’t hurt. In the States and Canada, you can read these reviews as if they are Demeter as they are the same product with a different trading name, so please don’t feel left out if I waffle on about Boots.

Watch this space as I review them individually soon.

4 thoughts on “Library of Fragrance: Why I’m Excited by This New Launch”

    1. Hi Lynette,

      They’re fab! and remember- one for them and one for you. I am reviewing Four Leaf Clover soon and have been experimenting with layering too. Get stuck in Lynette!

      best wishes
      Sam xx

  1. Loving your reviews of the Library fragrances. They aren’t in my very tiny Boots but hoping to experience the range soon. Have you tried Dirt? That’s the one that intrigues me.

    1. Hi gail, I’m glad you’re liking my reviews. I really like this range as it seems to cater for those of us who feel left out by the new launches lately- I like so few of them!

      I’ve heard good things about dirt- it does exactly what it says on the tin. Very earthy!

      best wishes
      Sam x

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