4 thoughts on “Library of Fragrance: Snow: It’s How Elsa Would Smell. ”

  1. I love snow. For me it has magical, highly symbolic, totemic properties. For years I have been considering a tattoo of a snowflake. So you can imagine how excited I was to try Snow perfume. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one – it smells cold, it does have that little whiff of dirt to it (FYI Demeter’s Dirt is excellent!) and it makes me feel like putting on an extra sweater. In a very good way.

    1. Now this is one you and I totally agree on. I love the smell of snow in real life and i feel they’re really captured it, damp soil and all.

      Rain is good too. In fact I can feel a Weather-y perfume post coming on!

  2. Now this one I have smelt, and it really does smell of burying your face in the white stuff. It’s even cold. 😉 Rain is interesting, though we got minty satsumas more than a downpour as such.

    1. Minty satsumas? That’s a great mental image. Mind if I use it when ti comes to reviewing it? I’ll give you credit of course!

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