Chanel Egoiste: Pour Homme, pour me.



 Chanel Égoïste is supposedly for men, but we say knickers to gender labels on this blog.  I have been wearing this for a couple of days now and I have to say it knocks spots off every male fragrance I have smelled in the last year (with an honourable mention to the wonderful Valentino Uomo).

As the weather cools down, with occasional erratic bursts of heat, Chanel Égoïste seems to fit the bill perfectly.  At first spray, it is a refreshing citrus scent with mandarin and peppery carnations. As it beds down, the cinnamon, woods and sandalwood emerge, but they are tempered with the strong peppery (almost dusty) carnation that hangs on with tenacity.  This is no bad thing: Égoïste proves that carnation and sandalwood compliment each other so perfectly that I don’t know why it isn’t done more often.

The base note, which lasts around eight hours on my thirsty skin, is divine.  With leather, tobacco and warm rich amber, this is so seamlessly blended you can hardly break the notes up.

Unlike many male fragrances on the High Street today, Chanel Égoïste doesn’t have the generic base note I have mentioned in previous posts.  To be honest I would wear more male scents if the bothersome everyman note wasn’t added to male fragrance so often.  The most memorable exceptions I have come across are Coty Aspen, Valentino Uomo (coffee, lavender and leather *swoon*) and believe it or not, Old Spice.

However, we have no such worries with Égoïste.  I would happily wear this all winter if a) I had a limitless budget and b) there weren’t so many other bottles on my overcrowded wish list. As a wise fellow blogger once told me, it is probably synthetic violet leaf.

Peppery, dusty, spicy leather.  Pure heaven. I am an Égoïste.

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