Stepping Away For A Short Scented Sojourn


Dear perfumed friends, I shall be leaving the blogosphere for a few days to enjoy the last week of the holidays with my two sons and my husband.

I have had a ball this summer, learning and discovering as I go along, as usual.   These last few month alone I have examined the case for and against the classic Opium (and not so classic reformulations).  I’ve realised that even gigantic revered companies can be silly (Miss Dior becoming Miss Dior Originale and Miss Dior Cherie becoming Miss Dior – very silly indeed!).

I’ve discovered wonderful scents that I didn’t know about (Hello 4160 Tuesdays and Goodbye Picadilly!), brand new perfumers in Papillon and their gorgeous trifold launch of Angelique, Anubis and Tobacco Rose (hello to the talented Liz Moores!). I enjoyed Tauer’s revival of Eau D’Epices and his new cologne Cologne du Maghreb (Guten Tag Andy!) and I saw my perfume collection diminish, grow and change, like a season all of its own.

What am I looking forward to in September? (Apart from arguments in the shoe shop, and listening to endlessly changing Christmas lists.)  Scent wise, I am looking forward to Tauer Sotto La Luna (its gardenia!), and looking forward to getting the heavy mob in as the weather gets colder.  Goodbye colognes and hello Orientals.

Do please excuse me than as I step away for the last week of the school holidays for some quality time with my adorable and demanding sons. They drive me round the bend but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

PS The picture you see above is the same as the poster I have above my desk as I blog.  I bought it in Paris and carried it home on the Eurostar.


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