Prada Candy Florale: A Clever Surprise

nd.24487   Remember that shampoo from the 80s that was called Once?  It was two tone and  you had to shake it before use and presto!  It was both shampoo and conditioner. Why did I think of Once when I was trying out Prada Candy Florale?  Mainly because Prada Candy Florale surprised me and completely changed half way through wearing it. nd.12426

I have reviewed Prada Candy  elsewhere in this blog (I won’t do a link to my own blog as it gets very weird),  and despite its name making me think it was going to smell like a sweet shop, it was  actually very good and not too sweet at all. Prada Candy was simply Musk, Benzoin and Caramel.

Prada Candy Florale has all of these but with added Peony and wait for it: Limoncello- that bitter, palate cleansing lemon liquer that you only drink in tiny shots. Prada Candy Florale doesn’t smell like a close relation to Prada Candy,

but the Florale bit is as good as its word.  Florale uses the prettiest and girliest of flowers: the Peony.  It does the job and it’s a safe bet if you’re not going for an edgy floral. Here’s what happens when you wear it:  it opens as a very pretty, almost green floral with dominant Peony and very little trace of Benzoin or Caramel or anything else really.

Then, and here’s the clever bit, it changes into a delightful lemon eau de cologne style scent that hangs around for about four hours.  The transitional bit is interesting: a sort of citrussy floral bouquet with a hint of  benzoin, but when it settles it smells so much like a lemon eau de cologne that I had to check which tester  I had used, thinking I must have sprayed one over the top of it.  

Prada Candy Florale impressed me a great deal.  Sometimes new launches are all so samey that I think I will always be buying old school scents from the bottom shelf for evermore.  But then something like this comes along and I applaud its audacity in not playing it safe.  I don’t like it enough to shove anything off my existing over crowded wish list, but thank you Prada for giving us something a bit new and a bit different.

PS My sample comes from the latest quarterly  Discovery Club Box from The Fragrance Shop. I love them- make it monthly Fragrance Shop!


6 thoughts on “Prada Candy Florale: A Clever Surprise”

  1. I know i’m a bit late trying this one, but got a tester yesterday and i must say, its very pleasing to my nose. Yes, i get the lemony bit, its a nice fresh but soft flowery lemon. It also seems to be lasting quite well on me. It passes the half way mark of 6/10 on my perfume list! 🙂

    1. Hi Patsi,

      Here I was answering my comments like a good correspondent and yours popped up! How lovely.

      Prada Candy and Prada Candy Florale were both a surprise to me as I don’t like candy style perfumes. However, both were nothing like I expected and I rather liked them.

      I have some samples coming your way this week but my two boys and my husband have been off ill with a bug so have been a bit housebound.

      warmest wishes

  2. Woo hoo. HI Sam – am looking forward to something nice popping in my letterbox! 🙂 I managed to girl flirt with the assistant in The Perfume shop and she gave me testers of Prada Candy, Prada Candy L’eau and Prada Candy Florale. I am really enjoying the Florale and would consider buying a bigger bottle. The L’eau was quite an acceptable summer scent – I have still to try the Prada Candy itself. I will practice my girl flirting/perfume chatter somewhere else soon and see what/who i can pick up! LOL – laters, P

    1. Hi Patsi

      Girl flirting is what it takes- samples are like unicorn droppings these days. Your comment reminds me of a visit to my local Perfume Shop. I was nattering away trying to butter her up and I told the SA I was a perfume blogger. Admittedly I’d just done the school run and had wet hair and was wearing wellies and a damp coat and she looked at me shock and said “DO YOU?”. She was so surprised I was quite offended! What did she expect? Dita Von Teese? Her face still makes me chuckle when I think about it.

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