Avon Tahitian Holiday: Cheerful Coconutty Holiday Fun



Yesterday was a scorching hot day here in Wales (can I say sunny Wales?  I think I can).  The heat was unbearable to a freckled person like me. What could I possibly do to cool myself down? Bear in mind that air conditioning is not commonplace in Wales as heat waves tend to be the exception rather than the rule.  Hello and welcome to my new bottle of Avon Tahitian Holiday.

Many people have compared Avon Tahitian Holiday with Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess.  I will say this:  yes they both have coconut and white flowers and smell tropical and yes Tahitian Holiday isn’t a bad substitute for it.  However Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess has more resonance and richness and unfurls like a many layered flower:  there’s a waft of fig, an ambery base and a deep creamy richness to it which Tahitian Holiday doesn’t have.  Bronze Goddess costs between 40GBP and 50 GBP, whereas Tahitian Holiday only cost me a fiver. The choice is yours. It depends what you want from your perfume.


Personally, I can’t stretch to a bottle of Bronze Goddess right now and my Wish List is already so full it’s not accepting new members.  However, for five quid I will say that Tahitian Holiday is pretty damn good.  It opens with coconuts, has a middle phase of white tropical flowers (that’ll be the Tiare Flower) and settles to a light floral cocnutty mist.  Lasting power is around four hours, making this Eau de Toilette longer lasting than a cologne.

My 50ml bottle has already gone down considerably in one day due to my frequent top ups- I adore the top note!  In summer, it’s fine to smell like flowery coconuts.  Winter is long and cold, we can get the rich’n’heavies out then.  But for now, for that holiday mood that doesn’t take itself too seriously, you can’t go wrong with a squoosh of Avon Tahitian Holiday.


4 thoughts on “Avon Tahitian Holiday: Cheerful Coconutty Holiday Fun”

  1. That sounds cracking! As a bona fide perfume obsessive, I once refused to take my posh Bronze Goddess perfume on holiday because I was scared it would be spoiled by spending a fortnight in a baking hot tent in the south of France. I took a bottle of Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig instead (ah! You know that one!). If I was camping this summer, I’d take a bottle of this. It sounds perfect.

    1. I think you would definitely like this, my coconutty friend. I think Bronze Goddess is better, but I have been marinating in Tahitian Holiday with the gusto of one who knows it didn’t cost 47 quid. As for the Brown Sugar and Fig scent you let me borrow- it’s fabulous. Anyone popping over to the USA should pop this on their shopping list.

  2. Just been over to the Avon website (followed your link – how very handy! Thank you, ducks.) I’m very tempted by their Riviera Goddess edt, which seems to be at the unprecedented price of £2.75 for 50mls. Gracious!

    1. I have to say that i think Avon are really getting their act together on the fragrance front now. There have been a few fallow years bit there are more and more good ones that i would really recommend: Tahitian Holiday of course, Premier Luxe and Rare Diamonds to name but a few. Plus they are bringing Timeless back by popular demand! i like it when companies listen to their customers.

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