Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle: A Big Improvement

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Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle is thankfully very different from Eau de Lacoste, which if you recall from my earlier review on this blog, was all synthetic pineapple and stickiness.  I was not a fan, despite it being a steady seller.

lacosteHowever, Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle is a different story.  There is no pineapple, which already puts this in my good books.  There is a pretty combination of appealing pink pepper and blackcurrant in the opening blast, which despite my previous moans about fruity florals, actually makes for a lovely scent.  I usually like blackcurrant in fragrance and this is no exception.

The middle notes are rose, sweet pea and gladioli and I have to say I have never smelled gladioli in a perfume before, and cannot smell it here. I suspect it may be one of those amalgamates that is more beloved of the copywriter than the chemist. In any case, smooth woody florals with fuzzy fruity edges are the order of the day.

The base stays fairly true to the blackcurrant and the floral notes. Unusually, the base claims to be a mixture of amber and nougat, which is a new one on me.  However, despite today’s frequent glorification of all things confectionary on the perfume shelf, the nougat is more of a almondy background, which may be why my first thought when smelling this was of a watered down, fruitier Dior Hypnotic Poison.

All in all, this is pretty good.  It’s not on my wish list (bursting at the seams as usual) but I like it.

4 thoughts on “Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle: A Big Improvement”

    1. Hi Laurels, always lovely to hear from you. I sort of agree with you. If you like Hypnotic Posion you probably don’t like watered down versions! Still this was such an improvement on the original Eau de Lacoste that I was grateful to find even the slightest good point!

      best wishes

  1. Hypnotic Poison was my daughter’s very first perfume love – to the point that I had to hide the ‘pumpkin’ bottle to stop the mad three year old dousing herself in it every day. (She has since moved on to L’Heure Bleu, being nine years old now and terribly sophisticated.)

    I find HP rather too much – it’s a bit of a whopper in terms of lasting power and radiance – so simply for that reason (and the gorgeous bottle) I shall give this a snort and a snuffle. Also, I love blackcurrant in fragrance.

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