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I’m a big fan of Katy Perry.  I love her songs, her voice and she always comes across as likeable in interviews.  She chose the name Killer Queen for her company and for this perfume after the eponymous Queen Song.  With such brilliant lyrics as “Perfume came Naturally from Paris/For cars she couldn’t care less/Fastidious and Precise” I would have put the Killer Queen in my imagination in Chanel No 19 or something haughty by Parfums Caron.

However, chacun à son gout and Ms Perry imagines this Queen in a very different way from me. Created by Laurent Le Guernec who also made the stunningly lovely Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s hard to believe these two were made by the same nose. But I guess the lady wants what the lady wants.

Chock full of red berries and chocolate, and a flower that looks like red velvet (Celosia), Katy Perry has gone for more of a Choc’n’baroque feel. Sadly I feel that such a sweet and sticky concoction is as unwelcome on a hot day as a bowl of jam roly poly and custard, when what you really want is an icy gin and tonic.

The sweetness and sickly fruitiness begins from the first spray and the frangipani, usually welcomed by me, is like a marzipanny mess surrounded by praline, forest fruits and plums.  The Bergamot could have been good but sits out the dance looking lost. It ends in a plasticky whiff of candy that smells like my hands after peeling off one of my children’s stickier sweets.

But hey, I’m just one voice, and this stuff is very popular: I see it everywhere and it’s reasonably priced too at under 20GBP for a big bottle.

When it comes to choosing a perfume to put her name to, Katy Perry is a terrific singer.

PS I LOVE the bottle.

photo by Huffington Post
photo by Huffington Post


2 thoughts on “Katy Perry Killer Queen”

  1. The bottle is lovely. It looks like a blingier version of the Dita Von Teese perfumes, which I’ve never come across, but read good things about (including here). The appealing bottle led me to give it a spritz at Sephora, which I immediately regretted. If she’s going to stick to candy perfumes aimed at thirteen-year-old girls, she might as well stick to cat-shaped bottles.

    1. Hi Laurels

      I quite agree! I always feel a bit disappointed when a perfume is obviously made to be a money maker and not a thing of beauty. Then again, Katy Perry has a big teen following as you say, so I guess that’s where she’s going with this.

      Dita Von Teese is a good classy scent as you would expect from beautiful Dita. It’s always worth trying stuff though, isn’t it?

      best wishes

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