Lacoste Eau de Lacoste:  Another Eau For Summer

lacoste     I reviewed Lacoste Eau de Lacoste today because I have seen it everywhere, I have a sample in my sample box and because it has “eau” in the name.  Being summer, I need all the Eau I can get.

Eau de Lacoste opens promisingly like a sparkling eau de cologne.  If it stayed like this I would love it.  Unfortunately some rather sticky scented fruit comes in within ten  minutes making it smell like the sort of cocktail that is three colours and comes with an umbrella. There’s a whole fruit salad in there: pineapple, oranges and limes.

The limes I can handle, but the pineapple just doesn’t work for me at all and is horribly synthetic. In the middle some Orange Blossom peeks out, but the base is a sticky fruity mess, despite promising me tempting Vetiver and Balsam.  If they cranked up the lime and oranges, left out the pineapple, and turned the volume up on the Orange Blossom, then I might like this. But they haven’t so I don’t.

This is sold widely and I see it often on High Street beauty counters. You probably get a free tote bag. As for me, I’ll save my money and work my way down my non fruity wish list. When it comes to perfume, that wish list never seems to get any shorter.

Hooray!  What a lovely dilemma.

It smells like a Del Boy Cocktail. (photo by
photo by

PS Fans of Only Fools And Horses might understand why I thought of Del Boy while sniffing this pineapple concoction!

8 thoughts on “Lacoste Eau de Lacoste:  Another Eau For Summer”

  1. Lime and pineapple? No, no,nooooo! It’s the lime and the coconut. We brook no arguments about this. (Which reminds me to douse myself in something lime and coconutty tomorrow. Bliss!)

    But back to the pineapple: apparently this is a terribly important note in an enormously popular men’s fragrance by Creed called Aventus. It’s terribly expensive and according to many chaps is what is called ‘a pantydropper’. (Allegedly, if you wear this fragrance you will find ladies want to go to bed with you. And that is all I am saying on the topic. Unusually polite of me, I know.)

    Could this be the riposte?

    1. I’m with you on this one. Lime anytime and coconut anytime. Pineapple? No thanks. Although I have to say that lime and coconut together makes em think of Thai Green Curry- I can’t help it.

      As for Aventus-I’ll have to check that out. Laurels has made some interesting comments in favour of pineapple and I will therefore have to keep an open mind, but so far- me and pineapple haven’t seen eye to eye at all!

      Love hearing from you, as always

      Sammy xxx

  2. By coincidence, I’m wearing a big ol’ pineapple perfume today–Histoires de Parfums 1804 (George Sand). It’s probably too obnoxious (but in the loveliest way!) for you, but it’s a natural-smelling, floral, tropical-garden rather than tropical-punch pineapple. The synthetic, neon sort of pineapple you reference is indeed nasty, but I wanted to defend the honor of pineapple as a perfume note. My only problem with this perfume (1804) is that it seems ideal to wear outside, but also strikes me as being in all likelihood irresistible to bees. I may have to reserve it for summer nights exclusively.

    And it is a shame we live in different countries–I’ve heard horror stories about trying to send perfume to the UK, and international shipping rates would take a bite out of our perfume budgets. Today is one of those days I wish I could put together a package for you, because I know you might never try 1804 otherwise, and I think you’d find it fun, at home, in small doses.

    1. Hi Laurels,

      Always a pleasure to hear from you! You make some strong arguments in favour of Pineapple. I do like the tropical angle so maybe if I come at it with a different stance I might yet be persuaded. As you say, synthetic poor qualtiy notes can ruin stuff, but if it’s done well it;s a different story.

      I also wish you lived nearer so we could sample swap. The postage regulations even within the UK are pretty draconian and even sending perfume a few miles away means sticking a hazard sticker on the back and explaining your contents to the post office staff (must be in original packaging, must not be more than I think 200mls in total etc). The funny thing is, I have never ever heard of an accident or fire being caused by posting perfumes in my life!

      Even funnier- I recently listed a bottle of perfume on ebay only to find my winning bidder was my good friend Lisa Wordbird who lives about 3 mils away! We did have a good chuckle about that one.

      best wishes

  3. We did! And actually, it was a tropical one. 😀
    I like the sound of a tropical garden, Laurels. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that George Sand. There HAS to be somewhere around here that stocks Histoires des Parfums…
    Trip to Bristol, Samantha?

  4. Quel dommage! For fragrancenet sells it for a song! I wonder if the flanker eau de lacoste sensuelle is any better? and by the way, I must thank you for bringing me back to my humble ways (I was a drugstore perfume purchaser in the late 70s) and making me realize that good smells do not necessarily have to be expensive/niche/artisanal….I was always embarrassed to share online some of my old time loves (including Body Shop White Musk). I spent a weekend afternoon at my local Bath and Body Works and actually picked up three full size bottle for seven dollars! I also got to sample my fav O de Lancolme (haven’t smelled it in years) and it reminded me why I loved it so….surely my next full bottle purchase but from a discounted online retailer….thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi justbreathe,

      I am so glad I have another recruit to my chypre’n’cheerful gang, if you’ll pardon the pun.

      I’ve long thought you don’t need to be rich to smell good and you have kindly noticed that I’ll chuck a 3.99 drugstore favourite next to a Serge Lutens review just to give a broad view.

      It’s funny you should mention Bath and Bodyworks as friend of the blog Lisa Wordbird swears by their Lime and Coconut, saying it smells very like Creed Virgin island Water, but for a fraction of the price, and very teeny fraction at that.

      Re:Lacoste- I have a flanker sample and I think it is the one you mention so that will be coming soon.

      Great to hear from you as always and I’m so glad you get where I’m coming from.

      best wishes

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