Beyonce Heat Rush: Why Do I Keep Doing It?

beyonce heat rush


Having  once reviewed Beyonce Midnight Heat and vowing never again, I now find myself reviewing Beyoncé Heat Rush.  I keep finding the same findings, so why do I do it?  I do it because I like to keep challenging my prejudices and I like to keep trying to change my own mind about things. I have tried as many celebuscent flankers as I have seen ( and they were manifold)  and I will keep trying because one day I hope I will find treasure.

Indeed, there are several celeb scents that I rate highly and I would never have stumbled across them had I not been determined to keep an open mind.  The best celeb scents in my opinion are ( in no order of preference) Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, JLo Deseo, Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights, Hilary Duff With Love and Lady Gaga Fame.  I own them all and use them all often.

Today I tried Beyoncé Heat Rush and I feel like a broken record, so do excuse my repetitiveness.

It’s chock full of sweet fruit (cherries, passion fruit and orange) and tropical flowers (orchid, hibiscus, mango blossom) and the base smells of golden syrup mixed with mango shower gel.  I’m afraid it’s another syrupy mess and so similar to Beyoncé Midnight Heat that I am surprised anyone ever needs to buy more than one Beyoncé scent.  However, I have to keep a stiff upper lip and remind myself that I guess this is what the people want and so this is what the people will get.  In the meantime, I shall shop selectively and wait until the storm has passed. I guess they’re here to stay, and like midriff tops and platform peep toes, they weren’t made with me in mind.

What’s your favourite celebrity scent?

10 thoughts on “Beyonce Heat Rush: Why Do I Keep Doing It?”

  1. Beyonce Heat Rash? 🙁

    Funnily enough there was a post on Basenotes recently about celebuscents and apparently Jade Goody’s Shhh is surprisingly good. Who would have guessed?
    Obvs there’s our beloved SJP Lovely, but I also like Hallé Berry’s original scent (haven’t smelled the others yet) and Kylie’s Sexy Darling is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, along with Kate Moss’ Velvet Hour (the second one – in a blue bottle) and I have heard goodish things of her Muse as well. It is to my eternal sadness that I have not tried Gabriella Sabatini’s Wild Wind, given my love of anything with a silly name. (Swedish Plopp chocolate is still my fave find.)

    When are they going to start making perfumes for menopausal women? Beyonce Hot Flush anyone?

    1. Dearest lovely Wordbird, your reply is more informative than my entire post! I will totally take your word for all of this as I know you take no prisoners when it comes to perfume. Also, like me, you don’t see a low price tag as a bar to quality. it’s a bit like jumble sale on the High Street- you have to do a lot of rummaging but you might find treasure.

      me x

  2. Isabella Rosellini’s Manifesto was so beautiful to me…with that basil note…sadly discontinued….. and yet there is a new fragrance with that same name?

    1. Dear justbreathe, you have named one of my favourites! i adore manifesto and have a review of it on this blog soemwhere. Sadly yes, YSL have a pefume called manifesto and I can’t remember what i thought of it so it can’t be too memorable. Isabella’s can still be had on Amazon and if you’re missing it try Paco Rabanne Calandre.

      best wishes

  3. I liked Manifesto as well, I wish I still had some! I think Miller Harris fleur de matin has basil – I can’t think of any others..
    I also adore my SJP Lovely, it’s one I wear often even though I have numerous niche perfumes, but that’s my only celeb scent. I have to confess I don’t know who many of them are (too old and not interested) and the bottles are usually hideous, so I never get as far as testing them (not as open minded as you, just as well I’m not writing a blog!)

    Actually that bottle is quite cute!

    1. Hi Alice,

      Manifesto is wonderful, and if you can’t get it, Paco Rabanne Calandre is a good sub. I have reviewed both.

      With celeb scents, so many are mass market vanilla cupcake monstrosities that it’s tempting to give up on them, but as you say SJP Lovely is such a good one that it has given me hope.

      I didn’t know who Hilary Duff was when I bought the perfume and had to Google her, but her scent is a fabulous Tropical woods/Guaic wood combo that packed a punch and was not what I was expecting at all! So it’s worth dabbling!

      best wishes

  4. Dearest Iscent
    In answer to your first question I can offer only ‘heroism’, ‘masochism’ or ‘madness’.
    To your second a resounding ‘Catherine Deneuve by Catherine Deneuve’. Wonderful stuff, still available in the far flung corners of the world (remaindered).
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      Question One: correct. Brave old me!
      Question Two: Ah La Deneuve! Anything she approves of is fine by me. Pure class to the tips of her toes.

      Your friend

  5. Obviously you do it as a public service, like a firefighter or police officer. Some days it’s just a workaday calling, and some days it calls for the heroism the Dandy mentioned.

    My favorite celebuscent so far is still Queen Latifah’s Queen. I did get a whiff of Kim Kardashian’s Pure Honey and have to say it was surprisingly interesting, but then surprisingly fleeting. I suppose if it had been truly awful, your Law of Sod would have applied.

    1. Hi Laurels,

      Yes, sometimes I’ve just got to take one for the team! I also love Queen. I think of celeb fragrances as like a jumble sale. You have to rummage through the rubbish but one day you might find real treasure.

      best wishes

      PS Oh I cannot bear that Kardashian woman! And her mum gives me the creeps.

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