4160 Tuesdays The Lion Cupboard: And a Father’s Day Tale

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Today is a celebration of fathers and father figures.  I certainly want to celebrate my amazing Dad Mike,  as well as my husband, who also happens to be a great Dad to our two boys.  Sadly as I get older,  I know more and more people whose fathers have passed away.  Their memories remain, fond and untarnished and it is in this vein that I chose to review 4160 Tuesdays The Lion Cupboard.

The Lion Cupboard was created at the request of Sarah McCartney’s sister, who asked for a scent to replicate the smell of their father’s wooden cupboard with a carving of a lion on it.  This idea appealed to me since, bluntly, every dad has a smell.  My Dad smells of Imperial Leather and shortly after leaving home to go to university many moons ago, I caught a whiff of Imperial Leather and had a big pang for home, and my Dad in particular. I’ve never told him that.

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The Lion Cupboard is where Sarah McCartney’s Dad kept his hats and scarves and the smell of the cupboard is replicated in the scent.  It does indeed have a wonderful Dad sort of smell and makes all sorts of visual images pop into my head, which to me, is a characteristic of 4160 fragrances.

I’m not going to list the notes, I’m just going to tell you what I personally smell from this multi layered scent: Opening notes: Vetiver and dark Wood, (think antiques), then a slightly squashed After Eight Mint, followed by a very faint hit of menthol or camphor and a final long phase that doesn’t smell a million miles away from Tauer L’Air Du Desert Marocain. It smells comfortingly masculine, like a Dad’s jumper, but the woods and Vetiver make it very wearable.

This was such a wistful and celebratory scent that I simply had to choose it for Father’s Day. Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.

In my imagination it goes something like this...
In my imagination it goes something like this…

4 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays The Lion Cupboard: And a Father’s Day Tale”

    1. Dear Cilantro,

      I am so sorry that you miss your father, but so glad he left a lot of love behind in you. That’s a great legacy indeed.

      Your friend

  1. I fell in love with this fragrance as soon as I smelled it. It really does have that comfort factor of a lovely Daddy, but I wear it myself. (I’m a rebel, me.)(Actually, not so much; I just like the warm, round, woody softness of it. I can see myself wearing this a lot in the autumn.)
    I think my own beloved Aged P would have liked it; it would certainly have smelled nice on him. If the dear Old Man was still with us, I’d have bought him a bottle.

    There’s so much fuss made about Mother’s Day; I think we often forget how important Fathers are. The voice I hear in my head that encourages me on is very definitely my Dad. (His is also the voice that says to me ‘oh go on, open another bottle of wine’. He was SUCH a good influence on me.)

    1. Ah your dear Dad was a much loved fellow indeed and would be so proud of you and Wordchick! I agree about Father’s Day. My one has been a huge influence over me in so many ways and that’s worth stopping for and having a day to slow down and appreciate him.

      PS I like anyone who says “oh go on, open another bottle of wine”.


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