Hugo Boss Pure Purple: Delicious

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I have been fairly uninspired by the Hugo Boss brand thus far but to their credit, I have only tried a few of them.  Boss Jour is very good ( see my earlier review). Boss Deep Red is a bit of a mish mash ( and Marks and Spencer make a very good copy called True Red), and today I tried Hugo Boss Pure Purple, expecting…well nothing much.


How wrong I was! Hugo Boss Pure Purple opens with mouth watering Marzipan, putting me in mind of Dior Hypnotic Poison straight away. The middle notes consist of a lovely bloom of rich pink flowers (cyclamen) and despite my loathing of peach, the inclusion of nectarine seem to bypass that awful peachy note you sometimes get that always me think of the downstairs loo in a vicarage.


The basenotes surprisingly are leathery and ambery.  I say surprisingly because this open with marzipan and flowers. It’s an unusual choice to pitch those against leather but somehow the seamless blending makes this work very well.  Besides which we know that leather and apricots work from Serge Lutens Daim Blond, so why not nectarines?  Why not indeed.


It looks to me as if this has been discontinued, but its still all over eBay, even on Amazon UK and seems to be more available (and cheaper) in the states than here in the UK.


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    1. Kind of sort of. It’s not quite as good as those two, but it definitely reminded me of both in its own little way.

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