Cacharel Amor Amor: Adorable Amor Amor




I have often written of my avoidance of fruity florals with a couple of exceptions, and Cacharel Amor Amor is one of them.  I have big love for the Cacharel brand:  they make good quality perfumes at accessible prices and there are two in particular that I will never be without: Anais Anais, which I consider a modern classic, and LouLou, which was my first ever signature scent as a teenager.

Amor Amor was created by legends Dominique Ropion (Givenchy Amarige, Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady) and Laurent Bruyere (Thierry Mugler Alien, Escada Sexy Graffiti) and launched in 2003.  It opens with fruit, but it’s not too sweet.  There are flowers too, but its not overcrowded.  The finish is long-lasting and not too vanilla-y.  In other words, this has all the characteristics of many a fruity floral that I would normally sidestep, but is so beautifully balanced, and with just the right amount of restraint, that this becomes a brilliant everyday, all purpose, won’t-offend-anyone fragrance.

It opens with citrus fruit and Blackcurrant, bedding down into Lily of the Valley and Rose, and finishes as a fresh, pretty and sweet basenote lasting around five hours. For some reason it always makes me think of crisp red apples.

The reason I like this is that the Vanilla doesn’t overcrowd it or saturate it, and waits until the end before rounding things off with a gentle touch.  The fruits are sharp, rather than rich and sickly, and the flowers are light and summery, and although synthetic, they are not plasticky or vinyl.

You can usually find Amor Amor for under £15 for 30ml, and despite it being widespread and fairly ubiquitous, I never tire of it.  I remember once my sister in law wearing it and I asked what it was. After she told me I checked it out myself and found that actually, it’s good to break down my prejudices and step out of my comfort zone.  Amor Amor is a little bit adorable.

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