Yves Rocher Fraîcheur Vegetale de Verveine: Bargain Verbena


As I may have mentioned, I’m a big fan of Yves Rocher products.  Their fragrances are all good quality, beautifully packaged and very good value. Every now and then I treat myself to a box of stuff from them and it never breaks the bank.  This month I spent £10.70 (plus postage) and received the following:  A 50ml bottle of Comme Une Evidence EDP,  a small tube of anti ageing cream, seven samples, a bottle of Lily of the Valley shower gel, a mini bottle of Lagoon shower gel, and a 125ml bottle of Fraîcheur Vegetale de Verveine. Not bad, eh?

My primary purpose for ordering was bagging myself the aforementioned bottle ( it’s a bit of a mouthful!) of Verveine/Verbena cologne which I’d had my eye on for a while.  As luck would have it, the price went down, so it only cost me £7.75.

Here are the notes, and as you can see they are simple but beautifully done:  Musk, Lemon, Lemon Verbena and Honeysuckle.

I initially thought it strange to see Musk alongside a zingy citrus, but this works beautifully.  The initial note when first sprayed is a very zingy blast of lemon and lime, smelling like a long remembered fizzy drink from my childhood. It’s thirst quenching and refreshing, with the slightly soapy Verbena making this a gorgeous pick me up.  Despite being an eau de cologne, longevity isn’t bad at all at around four hours.  I don’t mind that about colognes as half the fun is refreshing yourself with a bracing respray.

Packaging is quite similar to the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea range, and there is in fact a green tea version too.  All in all, great value and a bargain for the summer.

Incidentally, it looks as if this is not available on the Yves Rocher USA site, but it is available on the Yves Rocher France site and Yves Rocher UK site.  Apologies to my dear overseas friends!





7 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Fraîcheur Vegetale de Verveine: Bargain Verbena”

  1. Continuing to greatly enjoy your blog. As for Yves Rocher, on the Canadian site there are only the shower gels still available in the Fraicheur line. I do see that they have a new perfume, Summer Collection EDT created by, ta-da, Francis Kurkdjian. I keep meaning to place an order of some kind, especially with all the great mini sizes, but then those $3s and $5s really start adding up. First world problem.

    1. Hi Lindaloo. Thank you for your kind words. I didn’t know St Francis of Kurkdjian was working for Yves Rocher! Wow! I knew they were quality but that’s amazing.

      I know what you mean about it all adding up. You should see my Avon bill!

      Best wishes

  2. Wow! I perused the site and the prices are amazing! Five dollars for travel sizes! and a fifteen percent off code! What a great way to sample! I am going to have to read some of your older reviews to decide which ones to order…thanks for the web link!

    1. Hi justbreathe,

      I am a firm fan of Yves Rocher and I can recommend Clea (smells like Dove), and Yria. So Elixir Purple reminds me of Alien and So Elixir Original is very good too. For summer, Moment de Bonheur is beautifully light.

      best wishes

    1. That’s great katy! Yves Rocher is a wonderful brand- similar to Avon in cost but I think YR has better quality scents. I am using the Lily of the Valley Shower gel and have Clea, Yria and Comme Une Evidence in my fragrance collection, all of which I recommend.

      best wishes

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