Cath Collins Morning Flowers: WAKEY WAKEY!



On a hot summer day, I always want citrus fragrances.  Nothing seems to cut through the heat quite like it.

Independent perfumer Cath Collins makes a small but select set of fragrances inspired by what she finds in her garden in England.  Morning Flowers is a blast from an open window, a jug of icy sparkling water, and neat lime juice on the tip of your tongue.  It not so much wakes you up, but wakes you with a loud blast of icy cold water and a brass band, not unpleasantly, I should add.

P1010442 Lemon flower

Morning Flowers opens with Lemon, Lime and Mandarin and it takes no prisoners. What’s refreshing about Morning Flowers, apart from the obvious, is that the fruits have kept their sharpness, like a Seville orange.  There’s no sugar, no candy, no syrup: this is sharp and tart and rather wonderful.

Here’s what the website says:

Fresh as a summer garden bouquet.  A symphony of lemon, bergamot and citrus notes meld with a heart of jasmine, mandarin and neroli.  All enhanced by woody cedar base notes honed by precious amber.

The flowers are there, especially in the long lasting base notes,  and the Bitter Lemon although dominant, fades into the background when the soft Neroli and Jasmine come into play.  Morning Flowers is available online from for 39.50 for a 50ml bottle of EDT.  My sample was kindly sent by Cath herself and if I didn’t like it, I would say so (very politely).  But as you can probably gather, I like it very much.

Morning Flowers will suit you if you like O de Lancome, Clarins Eau Dynamisante and even trusty 4711. Both photos on this page are from the Cath Collins website.

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