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In my much loved, dog eared copy of Perfumes TheA-Z Guide, Tania Sanchez raves about Gucci Rush. It gets five stars and a lot of love from her.  It was created under Tom Ford’s reign at Gucci and shows no sign of being discontinued.  Me being me, I can’t help asking the question:  if they can keep this from the Tom Ford era why couldn’t they keep Gucci Envy?  But that’s just me and hundreds of others thinking that. Pay us no heed. I was pretty under whelmed by Gucci Rush.  Within ten minutes it settles into its basenote phase and stays put.

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In fact it’s irritating me and I might wash it off.  It’s not irritating my skin of course, just my nose. What is it that’s getting on my nerves about this?  Well it’s probably the dominant Peach.  Peach drives me away from scent like a little IScent repellent and it even came between me and my beloved Arpege in the end. What I have on my arm and wrist right now smells like powdery Milk and Peaches, and by Peaches I mean the perfume note rather then the real aromatic scent of a fresh peach, which I probably wouldn’t mind so much.

There is noticeable Patchouli too, but it seems to me like a watery Patchouli that I don’t get on with, rather than a robust woody Patchouli that I often seek out and enjoy. I was on the brink of finding a compliment for Rush: namely that it is unique and in all the 380 reviews I have written I have never smelled anything like it.  However, I see on Fragrantica that there are at least five perfumes that Fragrantica readers are reminded of when smelling Gucci Rush, so it even loses points for originality.

In the spirit of Eurovision I award Gucci Rush trois points.  Out of ten.  I just don’t like the song it sings.

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    1. Hi Aileen and thanks for dropping by. The A-Z is a great read. I dip in and out like a box of chocolates!

      best wishes

  1. I’m not as generous as you – I give it “NIL PWAH” 😉 I don’t like it at all – it reminds me of Avon Pretty Peach powder that I used to have when I was a kid – sort of stale in a way. Not fresh like real peaches as you say. I love the Guide but often roll my eyes and say “What???” a lot …

    1. Sally – you and i are on the same wavelength here, although I remember Pretty Peach as being prettier than this, which shows how bad Rush is if it’s beaten by a low budget just-for-kids peach soap set in the 70s.

      I feel the same as you about the Guide! Sometimes I agree wholeheartedly and sometimes I wonder if we’re smelling the same perfume. Sometimes I even laugh out loud at the acidity of some reviews. A damn good read in any case!

      best wishes

  2. The gremlins have gotten at your second paragraph and given us deja vu. Lovely review overall, though.

    Do you know if the peach note is the same as the one in Rochas Femme and Yvresse? If so, I’m scratching Rush off my list, and maybe Arpege as well. That peach smells like something that would flavor cough syrup to me, rather than the actual fruit, although I know both are beloved.

    1. Thanks for the tip off about the Gremlins- I had a devil of a job formatting the photos and it kept messing with my text. I will have a little edit- thank you.

      Funnily enough I rather like peachy Yvresse but only because one of my favourite friends wore it back when it was called Champagne and it makes me think of her.

      I haven’t tried Rochas Femme, but when I saw on Fragrantica how prominent the peaches wore, i vowed to avoid it!

      best wishes

  3. I’m gonna stick up for Rush – I love it! I like its warmth, and that milky, seductive feel. There’s something comforting about it and I always feel confident wearing it. But the silly, angular, uncomfortable bottle always annoys me; it seems at odds with what is inside.
    Interesting what was being said about Champagne/Ivresse. I really liked Champagne when it was still called that – obviously I respond to peach notes – until the day I smelt it on someone I didn’t like. How can you carry on wearing a perfume that reminds you of an enemy? So sad.

    1. I must admit Miranda, peaches have grown on me since this review. It’s funny how taste in perfumes can change- I had such deeply held beliefs when I started this blog but I have ended up in quite a different place. Maybe I should even revisit Rush?

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