Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Her: Up Close And Personal



Every good fragrance wardrobe should have a musk. You can wear it alone or layer it, but it is a true staple, like a winter coat.

Today I am reviewing Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Her and I am sampling it in the form of the oil or “Her oil Perfume” as it says on the box. The oil seems hard to get hold of, so you might like to try the EDP, which may have more lasting power.  In my experience, oils last longer, but not in this case it would seem.  Or maybe its my hungry skin.

According to Fragrantica, this claims to have all sorts of notes in  it: Vetiver, Orange Blossom, Osmanthus, Amber, Woods and Vanilla.  When I first applied it it smelled like stale air for just a minute and then it smelled like new shoes still in the box (for some people that would be  enough of a great smell if only they could bottle it!). Within five minutes this had settled down into a clean musk with a hint of Orange Blossom, and maybe the faintest whisper of Amber, but it would frankly be ambitious to try and pin down any of the other notes as this scent is sadly very fleeting on me.  The notes I could smell were like a blur, they have gone almost before you can name them.

This is very close to skin, but nonetheless lovely.  It is sexy, intimate and would only be experienced by those who hug or kiss you.  You’d never fill a room with this even if you smashed the whole bottle on the floor.

Yes, this is a lovely musk and no it doesn’t last long. If it lasts longer on you than it did on me (less than an hour, with my nose right up against my wrist) then I would say buy it.  It could be the staple your fragrance wardrobe needs.




2 thoughts on “Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Her: Up Close And Personal”

  1. Ah well you did better than me as I just couldn’t smell this at all, even wondered if I had picked up one of those annoying fake display bottles that contain water not perfume. I’m aware some people can’t smell some musk molecules so that could be it, however I can smell the edt and edp, so not convinced that’s the issue. A pity, as I liked the idea of an oil. My musk staple is Patricia de Nicolai musc intense, which has notes of rose and a pear liqueur, although definitely still a musk.

    1. Hi Alice,

      Thanks so much fro dropping by. I’m interested to hear I’m not alone in not being able to smell this. For the price, I don’t want to floor people, but I do want to be able to smell it myself! Thanks for your recommendation- I will look out for that one.

      Best wishes

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