The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Eau de Toilette: Hello Summer!



As you may know, I mourn the loss of the late great Body Shop Perfume Bar in the 80s and 90s and the Body Shop has confirmed that it has no plans to bring it back in any form.  I feel I therefore have to accept this and embrace the Body Shop of the Twenteens.

In fact the Body Shop of the Twenteens is not doing a bad job on the old fragrance front. There is the we-wouldn’t-dare-discontinue White Musk range, with several flankers, the delightful  florals of the Scents of The World Collection, and more recently,  a collection of soliflores that match the flavours of the Body Shop Body Butters.

photo by wiki
photo by wiki

Today I am going to review The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry.  Yesterday I tried this on and didn’t expect very much from it.  However the raspeberry is thirst quenching and juicy, like a lolly on a hot day.  In fact the only thing that spoiled this was  the fact that either me or my children often smell of raspberry lollies or Haribo.  Expect to be inexplicably popular with children when you wear this.

The top note is juicy and bursting with fruit, and the middle phase is stickier, but not overly sweet, thank goodness: this is a common mistake in fruity perfumes. The base is not quite  as tartly raspberry-ish, but I think this  because of the difficulty in keeping a sharp note sharp, rather than a sign of poor quality. If you think about how hard it is to keep lemons or oranges  sharp and tart in the basenote phase, then you can see why I’m not being hard on the Body Shop here.

What I like about this is that it contains genuine raspberry extract and therefore avoids smelling as synthetic as other juicy fruity scents can often be. It makes no claims about making you beautiful, nor promises you a sensuality that’s unforgettable blah-di-blah, but it does smell of raspberries and if you like that idea, then this is a reasonably priced raspberry scent.

Longevity was a real surprise at over eight hours close to skin. At £8.50 for 30ml I call that a bargain.

So here we are back to basics: it does what it says on the tin,  it’s playful and pretty, you might smell of lollies, it lasts long time and it’s cheap. Nice Work.

2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Eau de Toilette: Hello Summer!”

  1. As you know, I am a great believer in children wearing fragrance if they want to, (within bounds) and my beloved 9 year old chick has been splashing and spritzing things on since she was teeny. Her absolute favourite is L’Heure Bleu, because it’s glorious (but also because it’s Mummy’s) and she has a spritz when she has a big event or something that makes her nervous. (She even owns her own bottle of Hermes L’Eau de Pamplemousse Rose. Boy, was Santa feeling kind this year!!!)

    And increasingly, when thinking about birthday presents for her friends, fragrance becomes a possibility. This sounds perfect for her BFF – it’s a fragrance that I can’t see any parent complaining about their child being given as a gift.

    1. That’s a fantastic idea and I might even consider getting my very little niece some. I think perfume on young kids is fine as long as its not provocative, and what could be more innocent than early harvest raspberries? Wonderful.

      I’ll never forget the day we tried Angel on Wordchick. There was us, boaking over it and suddenly on her it smelled absolutely incredible and made me look at with new eyes. That’s perfume I guess.


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