Three Sneezes For Easter!

photo by Wiki Commons
photo by Wiki Commons

Forgive my temporary absence. I have had lotions and potions and appear to allergic to just about everything right now.  Funnily enough, I have never had an allergic reaction to any perfume but can’t currently wear any due to itchy eyes, no sense of smell, and various skin irritations.  I’m putting my trust in the good old NHS and have been given various treatments that are starting to work.

However, next week, Mr IScent is taking myself and the boys on a short holiday if you please.  Sun, sea and buckets and spades. My absence may be a bit longer but I hope to come back to you refreshed and fully treated.  I do love Spring, but it has  a singular drawback. 

Easter is a time of renewal and I hope to come back fully refreshed and non sneezy.

I wish all my readers a wonderful, peaceful Easter full of happiness, sunshine and everything in this photo below.

10 thoughts on “Three Sneezes For Easter!”

  1. The seaside! What fun. Have a rest, breathe deeply of the wonderful sea air, eat fish and chips, nibble on a stick of rock and make sand castles with your little ones.

    Allergies abound here too with pollen of budding trees layering everything. I hope your potions make you feel better and I look forward to your return 🙂

  2. What’s going on here? Are you infectious or something? I seem to have come down with the sneezes and itchy eyes, too! Thankfully it hasn’t affected my sense of smell and I can still enjoy a good ‘fume.
    Have a good holibobs!

    1. Did I accidentally send my hayfever four miles in your direction? I do apologise! Get treatment free from the chemist via the minor ailments scheme like wot I did. xxx

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