Armani Code For Women: Does Not Compute


This’ll have to be quick I’m afraid.  My four year old son told me on the way home that he can take his Easter bonnet in tomorrow. This was news to me.  Apparently it was a last minute change of plan.  But this is a perfume blog not a  blog about how much notice I need when I have to magic an Easter Hat out of approximately no Easter craft items whatsoever.

Armani Code For Women baffles me.  It is a code I cannot decipher.  On a Mumsnet perfume thread once,  I encountered several women who adored this and one who wore it on her wedding day.  I tried it today, all hopeful and anticipating a thunderbolt moment of fragrance love, but it never came.  This is all orange scented white flowers that remind me of a watered down version of Alien, mixed with a bucket full of yet more Orange Blossom and a blob of honey.  In fact, looking at the notes on Fragrantica I wasn’t far wrong.  I may have said earlier that I only like Orange Blossom in a chorus rather than as a solo and this is no exception.

I’m not keen, it doesn’t smell original, and there are about thirty flankers. It’s not that good Armani! I just don’t get it.



3 thoughts on “Armani Code For Women: Does Not Compute”

  1. I used to wear the men’s version in mid 2000’s. At the time, I had the ignorance to shower in it and wear it to work like it’s an aftershave. If you’ve smelled Armani Code, you’d know I was probably repelling people and animals around me. Several years later, after I had ditched Code for good, I attended a business meeting with an insurance broker. He had showered with Code and this is when I realized how common-place and pedestrian I’ve smelled.

    Code is not a bad fragrance but it’s for people who don’t know any better.

    1. Dear Scent Bound,

      Thanks so much fro dropping by. Your comment illuminates how short sighted we can be when we are in love with a scent. I used to douse myself in LouLou day and night, not realising it wasn’t really a Monday morning sort of scent! I also know what you mean about smelliness commonplace. I am a terribly snob for that! I’ll ask what the local bestseller is and then avoid it!

      best wishes

  2. I don’t get all the modern Armanis sitting on the shelves as we speak. Boring gloop. I don’t understand La Vie Est Belle and the flankers. I fail to see any redeeming features. J’Adore…Just a huge no.

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