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The new launch  Dolce from  Dolce and Gabbana represents a welcome burst of floral Spring fragrances on the beauty counters. With its pale green juice and faux Ivory flower lid, I would happily award ten out of ten for packaging and presentation.

My initial feeling within the first few minutes of smelling this was that it was a little like Gucci Envy.  Sadly that phase only lasted a few minutes before it settled down into a fairly generic but agreeable floral.  At first I thought I could smell Vanilla in the drydown but in fact the sweetness comes from the flowers used: Amaryllis is a cross between rose and nectarine, and Papaya flower is sweet enough without having two sugars in its tea.

dolce advert

The notes, according to Fragrantica are :

Top notes: Neroli and Papaya Flower

Middle notes: Amaryllis, Narcissus and Water Lily,

Base notes: Musk and Woods.

The Neroli is certainly a dominant note, and this manages to be a very floral scent without troubling the White Flower genre, nor the Green notes genre, nor, (thankfully) the Vanilla Cupcake genre that seems to permeate everything.

It’s a hard one to categorise so I shall say it’s a pretty and light floral with a toned down yet noticeable sweetness. I didn’t really get Musk and Woods in the base though, more like Peach and Vanilla.  Longevity is decent: after five hours it’s very close to skin but still there, just about.

Out of many new releases tried lately, Dolce is one of the better ones, and worth a sniff if you’re passing by a counter.


6 thoughts on “Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    I sense a scent that is pretty but inconsequential?
    It feels as though you need something with a little bite to blow the smog away!
    Yours ever (returned)
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Oh there you are Mr Dandy!

      Rumour has it that you and the Scarlet Pimpernel are never seen in the same room. Indeed this is another that is agreeable but not on the wish list. It’s around £40 and if I had £40 I’d be at the Guerlain counter.

      Your friend

  2. I’ll have to give it a try. The ad that’s set in an orange grove was certainly appealing, although the “water lily” gives me pause. How would you say it compares to Narcisse Noir?

    1. Hi Laurels,

      It’s much lighter than Narcisse Noir and doesn’t have that nice Caron vintagey note. This is fresher and you’ll be glad to know that the Water Lily wasn’t discernible to me at all!

      warm wishes

  3. I liked it, and I’m a tough sell these days. Like Iscent, if I have bucks I usually head for more ‘classic’ houses – I’d take my beloved, ‘Pledge and Civet’ Jicky over most other fragrances, if I’m honest.

    BUT this is really nice. If someone bought me a bottle I wouldn’t grouse. I’d wear it lots in the summer. It’s not sweet, it’s quite Gardenia-ish so it has richness and depth to it, yet it’s still refreshing. And not a single nuclear melon or rabid cucumber – so it IS possible to make something smell refreshing and summery without them!

    I think it’s a definite move forward from the bland/oversweet/frootichoolie/vanillabomb/nuclear melons we’ve had to choose from in recent years. Hoorah!

  4. Dearest Wordbird, and partner in crime that particular day, you are quite right- it kindly eschews any of the nasties we deplore: no cucumber, no melon and no candy floss. For all those qualities I salute Dolce!

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